Before You Build a House Checklist

Foremost on your checklist in building your own house should be the location of your house, financing your project, insuring it from damage once it is built and security for you and your family in the home.

Before you build a house, you should have a checklist to help you with making the decision. Having your own house is beneficial to you and your family as you will no longer go ahead paying the monthly rent and you can do whatever you want in your own property. There are a number of things that you should consider before you erect that dream structure:

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Once you have gone through your checklist to consider, you are ready to build your house. a number.

1. Location

You will want to build your house in an area that is comfortable and where you can interact with your neighbors freely. You do not want a place which is near the industries because they might pollute the environment and this can be detrimental to your health and that of your family. Also, you should consider an area which is close to facilities and amenities such as hospitals, shopping malls, schools and other social amenities. It should be convenient to travel to and from work as well.

2. Finance

It is after you are comfortable with this area that you can go ahead and buy a land there on which to erect a house. But there comes the question if you have the finance to carry on with the project. You might want to use your personal savings to build the house but if you are on budget, it would be proper to consider mortgage refinance because this will finance the whole project and it would be cheaper to pay back depending on the financier. Usually, the repayment period is spread across a designated period of time and you can work with what is comfortable with you when it comes to payment plan.

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3. Insurance

Once the house is built, you might want to consider other things which are very important like your own security and safety of your property and other valuables in your home. You can take home insurance policy to ensure that your property is protected against damage and other unwanted circumstances. Fires, floods and quakes can damage your property and if it is insured against these calamities even when the disaster strikes, the damage will always be compensated. You do not want to sit in the comfort zone until a disaster strikes.

4. Security

The location could have all the facilities but if it is not secure then it would not be healthy to build a house there. You should be concerned about your personal safety even as you continue living there. If the area is secure, you can go ahead and think of home security and later on install the surveillance cameras, alarm systems and even hire a guard.

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