Guest Posting at Gets Hit by Panda Update

Google de-listed, probably because of excessive 404 errors. The panda has been a symbol of Google, penalizing for unfair manipulation of SEO.

by Ben Baligad – which has been a guest posting site has been deleted. All of its content from the guest posts have been transferred to a new site, articles for small The biggest reason for this is, was probably hit by Google’s Panda Update.

Google's Panda Update with panda pictured
Google’s Panda update is looking for websites who has poor quality content.

Google does not say exactly why they would take anyone’s site off its search engine. After trying many things, I have come to the conclusion that it is excessive 404 errors. I must give josh bachynski credit. Unlike others who made up their own Panda list, he stalked Google employees, former employees and Google spokesmen to make his list.  On his list were duplicates and too many 404 errors. I have already dealt with duplicate posts that were submitted, but I have never bothered to look at my 404 errors because Google says in Google Webmaster Tools that:

Generally, 404 errors don’t impact your site’s ranking in Google, and you can safely ignore them.  – Google Webmaster Tools

Panda is a way for Google change the way the game is played in the middle of the game. Google can do that. They hold all the cards. I don’t blame Google. Webmasters have found ways to go around Google’s ways with their web sites. With Panda, what were once acceptable practices became questionable or downright violations.
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Examples are link schemes. We are warned by Google against link schemes. For many years, a guest post was one of the best links you can do to your blogs. Now, according to Google’s Matt Cutts, and other Google spokesmen,  guest post links should be nofollowed because they are no longer as trusted as they used to be. Because of that,  guest post links on Articles for Small are now nofollowed.

I have done many things to to make it Google compliant.  My biggest issue was duplicates. I deleted hundreds of guest posts because whomever sent them to me also had them published elsewhere. After I deleted them, Google still would not reinstate. I did a few other things, including unpublishing hundreds of articles and deleting the images associated with them because images are separate files with their own url.  It came down to only 25 articles and one ad, which was Google Adsense on the front page. There was nothing else that could confuse the reader, in my opinion. Still, Google had an issue and would not reinstate.

Since I have probably done most everything else, Josh Bachynski’s item on too many 404 errors made sense.  404 errors are created when someone links to you and the page does not exist. Google uses those links to find your site and other sites. Before I deleted the site, has about 3,600 404 errors.  They would have had to be dealt with individually, if I was to keep the site and have it in good standing. Since I can only fix a few dozen a day, I decided to delete the site and concentrate on the new site.

The new site, articles for small has no issues, at least so far. Many have submitted great articles. I thank those who submitted them. Then, there are the others. For the sake of the great articles, I have set up the other site. As of now, I have hundreds of articles unpublished. I will proof read them before I republish them, if I do.  If you have an article written with and you can find want to know its status, and is unable to find it, please email me. I apologize for any inconvenience.


panda image by J Patrick Fischer on Wikipedia

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