A Healthy Coat on Cat Begins with the Best Cat Food

The best cat food for a healthy skin and coat for your cat is the one that meets your cat’s nutrition requirements.

Your cat’s great looking coat ultimately comes down to proper nutrition, and lifestyle. Your cat’s great looking coat ultimately comes down to proper nutrition, and lifestyle. To see what is the best cat food for the health of your cat, examine its coat and what you feed him. A cat that is healthy will have a coat that is shiny, smooth to touch (like butter) and vibrant with color. A cat that is not healthy will have a coat that is dull, dry, flaky, or even worse. Lets go over a few things that will highly influence how your cats coat will shine, or not shine.

black cat with healthy coat
Signs that a cat is eating healthy is reflected on his healthy coat.

Taking Regular Baths

This is common, especially if your cat has dandruff but in reality it can kill your kitty’s fur coat. Baths should only be done in emergency like accidents outside such as, fleas, or being sprayed by a skunk. Your cat grooms itself and needs the oils in its fur in order to look healthy. When you bathe your cat you are stripping the coat of its vitamins it needs.

Baths should only be taken when needed and you should only be using cat shampoo, preferably one that is natural and contains no artificial dyes.

Stop the Kibble

Your cats diet is important and a healthy diet goes a long way. Cats need a diet that is at least 80% protein or more in order to be fully nourished. The problem with kibble is that it is usually loaded with empty calories, wheat and all kinds of bad stuff your cat was not naturally made to eat.

Feeding your cat dry cat food can be convenient, but it can dehydrate your cat. When your cat is getting older, hydration is important for its urinary tract.  Try going with wet canned cat food, that is high in protein especially when your cat is getting older, and even add a little water.

Dry cat food can dehydrate your cat and cause the skin to get flaky while canned foods are full of water and moisture. Cats normally don’t drink a lot of water as their water source naturally is supposed to come from the meats they eat.

Consider Going Raw

It might seem like a big step but going raw was the best thing I have ever done for my kitty. My cat had a terrible looking coat as well as some other health related problems. After a couple weeks of raw meat my cat was looking, feeling, and acting like a young cat all over again. It was literally life changing.

Go See a Vet

If your condition is bad, or your cat is in serious pain then go see a vet right away. Skin problems are popular with mal -nourished cats, especially as they age. Bacterial infections, acne, tumors, and bugs are very common and need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

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