Dentists Can Cure Headaches

Chronic headaches are sometimes caused by dental problems that can be cured by a dentist. Rotten teeth, poor oral health, infections or grinding teeth and jawbones are often the cause.

In many cases, dentists can cure headaches, which can be brought on from a multitude of sources. Anyone who experiences this or migraines consistently,  one should look into seeing a dentist. Poor oral health are the common source for many reoccurring headaches. Visiting the dentist. and not the family practitioner can many times work in eliminating them.

dentist and assistant sitting on dental chair
Dentists can cure many headaches.

One way a dentist can help eliminate headaches  to reduce them, is to deal with the grinding or clinching of the jaw while one sleeps. Grinding one’s teeth together or clinching the jaw together while sleeping, often results in the person waking up with a headache, or getting one later in the day. This is because increased pressure on the jaw and, more specifically, the nerves in the jaw. These nerves can cause headaches by being stressed throughout the night by overuse from grinding teeth while the person is sleeping.

If persons who are struggling with chronic headaches have gone from doctor to doctor without finding relief, they should consider visiting with their dentist.

The dentist can diagnose instantly whether or not a person is grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw by simply observing the wearing patterns on the individual’s teeth. If it is determined that the cause is most likely due to grinding teeth and jaw bones, then the dentist will be able to fit the individual with a sleeping guard to protect the person’s teeth and jaw bones while they sleep.

Often times the source is much more serious than grinding teeth. A severe cavity or cracked tooth that has become infected can likewise send pain shooting through the jaw and result in the formation of a headache. Cavities and damaged teeth that are not treated and fixed by dentists can result in a serious infection that can spread to the jaw bone from the teeth, causing headaches.

If persons have chronic headaches in their medical records, and have gone from doctor to doctor without finding relief, they should consider visiting with their dentist.  They may find that their oral health is at the root cause.

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