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One criteria for the search engines to assess website value is popularity. Guest posts are just one way of achieving that. Search engines work for the searcher and proclaim, “the searcher is king.” Therefore, you should write a unique article, one that is not already published, for the searcher. Send guest posts to

The goal of  a guest post is to have a searchable article that links to your website. A guest post, done properly, adds to your website’s popularity and therefore, value.  There are activities related to business in just about any organization in which to write about. Find a problem your customers might be having and write about how your business solves them.

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If you want to submit an article, do the best you can with the guidelines and then submit it. The cost is free. The article should be at least 250 words. Most articles will be published as is. Some will go through editing, or suggestions for such, with the author’s permission. In many cases, Articles for Small Business will do the revision. The goal of editing is to minimize potential search engine penalties. There is no sense in having your article published on the web if the article has is detrimental to your site.

Articles for Small Business was made with guest posts. If one has a unique and useful ideas that he wants to share through the internet, it should be published. It should have adequate traffic. Yet it is not that easy with the world wide web. When it is determined that the search engines like something, many do it again and again making it difficult for the search engines to rank posts based on merit.

Buying a domain is easyLinking is important, but many efforts to link to get better search engine ranking can now, many times,  have the opposite effect. Keywords get the search engines’ attention, but it can be a penalty if it used indiscriminately. Do that in several posts throughout the web, especially if they are exact words in the same order, and you have now become a spammer.

One unique article will do better than many repetitive words and links. All will be done to check and recheck articles to be acceptable to the web before it is published. While the search engines do not penalize for duplicate content, this site does. The search engines will only publish one of the articles that is duplicated. Why would anyone publish an article to the web more than once? Duplicate articles will compete with the original for search engine rank.

The articles will will be checked  for duplicate content, grammar and SEO, as defined in SEO articles throughout the web, and  Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.  While many After being published, articles will be promoted randomly on the social media and YouTube. They will also be checked periodically for relevance. If they are no longer useful or valid, they may be removed.

Following Google’s best practices, links on guest posts are nofollowed. Putting a dofollow there will work against your article. The search engines like dofollow, natural links. That is, links that the owner of the site had not placed or ask to place for search engine ranking. Any link with the intent that it should help your Google rankings should should be nofollowed, according to Google spokesman, John Mueller.

Examples of nofollowed links include social sites  Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.  Wikipedia is the most successful guest posting site. Wikipedia links are also nofollowed. Nofollow links, many times, work better than dofollow links. Dofollow links are subject to many search engine penalties, that nofollow links do not. In spite of what the term “nofollow” implies, Google does count them. If you happen to have a Google Webmaster Tools account, look up what website links to your site.  Google counts all links, dofollow and nofollow.

More guest post criteria can be written, but there  are too many.  Sometimes rules are written and some take it so they can get right above it and still cause havoc. If you have an article with useful ideas and it relates to small business, then you should be fine.

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