Booking a Green Deal Assessment

UK citizens can have their homes checked for energy efficiency and have the necessary repairs available at a more affordable rates is through the Green Deal Assessment.

By now the chances are that you will have heard at least a few whispers about booking a Green Deal Assessment scheme that was unveiled by the UK government at the end of 2012. Set up to improve housing stocks and lower energy use, the scheme has enjoyed great success in its first 6 months and this popularity is set to increase during the latter part of the year. However there are a few things the people need to know when booking a Green Deal assessment as the following list will show.

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Your home can be assessed for energy efficiency measures by Green Deal Assessors.

To start with only fully qualified Green Deal Assessors are able to carry out the assessment and create the report. You will be able to recognize legitimate companies and assessors by their use of the special quality logo. You should always ask to see proof of ID that carries this mark before allowing anyone to commence inspection. If in doubt call your local training centre which will have a list of qualified assessors on record.

Your Green Deal Assessor will make recommendations on the sort of improvements that can be made to your property and the difference that they should make to your monthly or annual energy bill. They will also be able to discuss the various financial options that are available to you in quite some detail. However they cannot stipulate the sort of interest rate that you will be charged. This can only be done by the Green Deal Provider, so do bear that in mind when working out costing.

You can pick and choose the improvements that you decide to make and do not have to have all or even any of those carried out that were recommended in the report. You have no obligation to go through with the process even after you have had an assessment carried out. At all times the choice is yours.

Green Deal assessors that have had additional training may be able to offer you a more comprehensive service. For example they may be able to help you through the application process and recommend a provider, which many will find incredibly useful when trying to navigate this often complex process.

Finally there is another layer of financial assistance available for people on low incomes, benefits and those that live in very old properties. Your assessor should be able to provide you with more information on this and find out whether you qualify. Just be sure to ask if you think there is any chance that you could receive this extra assistance under the Green Deal.

The new scheme is doing great things for the people and property of the UK and is a great opportunity for every one to finally have access to expensive repair works that would ordinarily be out of their reach. So arrange your assessment today and see just how much your property could be improved.

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