Getting Out of Jail

Two ways of getting released from jail are bail bonds from an agent and your own recognizance, as long as your offense isn’t a felony or anything serious.

Getting locked up is not something anyone likes; it is in fact one of the biggest fears that the human kind has, it is known as dike phobia. Being behind bars is extremely stressful and it doesn’t matter if you have committed anything wrong or not. The fact that it will stay with you forever is in itself embarrassing and hard to deal with. The stress is manifold when you are clueless about what to do after getting in jail. Well, it is obvious that the predominant thought is to get out but how? Bail bond is one of the answers to this question and the following will enlighten you more.

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When you are in that unfortunate situation, the knowledge of getting out of jail is a must.

It was fun when it was Monopoly. This is no longer fun. You can get out of jail but it depends on the level and seriousness of the crime or event under which you have been booked. Lack of money cannot stop you from getting out; you will need some collateral though, i.e. in form of property or any other movable asset. The following are two common ways to get out:

Own Recognizance

I do not hesitate to say that you have to be lucky to get released on the account of this option, aka O.R. Own Recognizance is a legal term which it allows you to give your word of honor and sign a document assuring the court that you would be present on the said date for trial or hearing.

This option is viable only under certain circumstances like: you should have a clean record, the allegation should not be serious, you should have family members living in the area where you got arrested, you have been living in that area for long and you have previously showed up on time at court when required (if applicable).

Court Bail Bonds

These are useful when you have no cash on you to pay up the amount. Lack of money cannot stop you from getting out of jail; you will need some collateral though, i.e. in form of property or any other movable asset. Bail bond agents pay up for you and charge a fees of within 10-15% (20% in some cases).

Now you know what to do to get out of jail to get out of jail without panicking inside. Either of these two options will be available to you apart from other legal help.

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