How to Make Sure Your Garage Door is Long Lasting

A garage door will last long with regular inspection, maintenance and prompt attention to damage repair.

by Oren Linder – A well maintained garage door is an essential component to ensure safety of the home. To assure that the garage door lasts long, it needs regular inspection, maintenance and prompt attention to the repairing of damage. Regularly examine the door from inside as well as outside and ensure that it is working as it should.

A garage door should be maintained to ensure it is long lasting.
A garage door should be maintained to ensure it is long lasting.

Garage doors have undergone several minor and major modifications in the quest to make them last longer. Maintenance has always been the most crucial factors with longevity of garage doors. However, these primary concerns can be easily managed with regular inspection and maintenance.

Following tips will help assure that your garage door last really long:

#1 Inspect the Garage Door On Regular Basis

This probably is the easiest maintenance task that doesn’t require any professional assistance. Regularly examine the door from inside as well as outside and ensure that it is working as it should. Scrutinize all the components of the door if they are working in an appropriate manner or not.

Minor errors in basic elements like pulleys, springs, rollers or cables are signs that problems may soon knock at the garage door. In this case, it’s recommended to call a professional for inspection either it is residential garage door or commercial garage door.

#2 Protect the Garage Door Exterior from Dust And Dirt

Whether wooden or metal, nothing hampers the subsistence of a garage door than the dust and dirt in its exterior. Visually inspect the door surface for any sort of grime and clean it right away.

Make garage door cleaning a habit along with car washing. Just clean the door with a mild detergent base and diminish deposits of corroding chemicals. Moreover, in tropical areas, garage door must be cleaned more frequently for longevity.

#3 Maintenance of the Garage Door System

A garage door is operational together with several minor and major components. To ensure that the garage door has an extended lifespan, inspect the mechanical system of the door on fixed monthly basis.

Make sure that spring tensions on the garage door are adjusted appropriately. Check for springs, cables, drums and even the bottom brackets. Keep the rollers clean, and lubricate them regularly. Tighten all screws or nuts on the garage door after examining the tension in the springs and cables.

#4 Checking Opener and Other Components

Electric garage doors are principally operational on automatic door openers. However, with the passage of time, a garage door opener might show signs of malfunctioning. This generally occurs with misaligned door sensors or inappropriate power supply.

Besides a regular inspection of the opener, clean and align the door sensors in their prefixed positions. If any signs of electric default appear, call a professional to tackle the problem.

#5 Essential Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

  • Keep all the components like hinges, pulleys, cables and rollers lubricated.
  • Never use any harsh chemicals on all door surfaces for cleaning purposes.
  • To keep the door free of dirt and moisture, clean it with a soft cloth and a household detergent.
  • Paint the door every three – four years and fill all gaps with caulks.

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The article came from Oren Linder author for ASAP Garage Door Services. He usually writes about garage doors tips, garage doors repair and home improvements. 

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