Getting a Free Domain Name with Hosting

To run a website, you need a domain name and hosting. Getting a free domain name registration with hosting is convenient and many times, cost effective.

I haven’t heard of a free domain name with the purchase of website hosting until ran into TMD Hosting. However, their site does say, “Today’s Special.” That usually means it is there for a limited time only. You risk not getting the special if you wait after today.  I talked to one of their sales representatives and he said that special has been there for a while now and it will probably remain for a while more.

partial list of domain name extensions
When you get a blog, it’s best to buy a domain name free with hosting.

When I buy hosting, I look at the price and the support. I now get 24/7/365 from Hostgator. TMD hosting also has 24/7/365 hosting.  That is probably a standard with any hosting, but I would still check. I would hate to have somebody not answer a hosting question when I need it. When I have a website problem, I usually want it fixed right away because my readers will not wait.

I shopped around for the cheapest with reasonable support when I started my site a few years ago. I now have a routine of using GoDaddy and Hostgator. Once a year, I get a bill from GoDaddy to renew my domain name. At $15, it isn’t that much. Furthermore, they usually give you coupons which is good for a few dollars. I usually pay just a little more than $10. Creating a website from scratch, the routine is the same, with the same price. Hostgator does sell domain names for about $15 each for dot com, without the discounts.

If I had to start over, I would choose TMD hosting. It is cheaper hosting than most, has a 24/7/365 support, and they give a free domain name, at least for now. It will at least save me some money and the trouble of connecting the domain name with the hosting. They will even put up the WordPress site for me.

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