Tips for Daily Foot Care

To promote healthy feet by preventing foot problems, exercise by walking, wear comfortable shoes that fit and wash your feet regularly.

Your posture affects everything from your digestion to breathing to mood, and good posture starts from the ground up.  Healthy feet promote a healthy body through good posture and circulation. Let’s take a look at some ways you can take care of your feet every day.

Treat your feet with care and they will repay you with good support. Treat your feet with care and they will repay you with good support.
Treat your feet with care and they will repay you with good support.
Treat your feet with care and they will repay you with good support.

1. Wear comfortable shoes that fit.

Most foot problems stem from uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes. Shoes that are too tight constrain your feet, leading to corns, ingrown nails, hammer toe, and general pain throughout the day. They also cut off blood flow, making feet feel cold or numb. On the other hand, shoes that fit too big will cause blisters and calluses. Choose Sperry’s,  Dr. Comfort shoes, or another shoe store that is in business to find the right shoe for a perfect fit for your foot.

But even shoes that fit won’t necessarily be food for your feet. For example, wearing high heels every day will cause damage to the bones in your feet and force undue strain on your ankles, knees, and hips, especially if you’re doing a lot of standing all day. While that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear heels, limit how often you wear them. Opt for sneakers or, for fancier occasions, comfortable flats.

Try to find breathable shoes to reduce the sweat—and the stink.

2. Walk it off.

Walking puts stress on your feet, so you should stay off your feet as much as possible, right? Not exactly. Your feet have muscles—who’d have thought?—and like all the other muscles in your body, they need exercise to stay strong and supportive. Walking is the best way to get your feet the exercise they need. Taking a walk every day keeps your muscles firm and toned and ensures that your tendons and ligaments stay limber, preventing fallen arches and other foot problems in the future.

If your walks are accompanied by sore feet or legs, look for insoles that provide proper arch support or try walking on dirt, grass, or a soft track that provides a little more cushioning than a stretch of concrete.

3. Scrub Up

Even the most hygienic people have trouble washing their feet. But cleaning your feet is important to their overall health.

Your feet have to deal with a lot throughout the day. Along with the regular bumps and bruises that come with walking, they have to stay trapped inside a pair of shoes. And that means sweat. All that moisture is uncomfortable and stinky for you, but for bacteria, it’s a wonderful place to play and cavort. Refraining from a regular foot washing allows all that bacteria and fungi to grow and accumulate, which adds to the odor and leads to fungal infection to fungal infection, skin problems, and a whole host of other issues.

So scrub up, especially between the toes, and make sure you dry your feet properly after your shower. Treat your feet with care and they will repay you with good support. Your feet are a more important medical aspect of you than what you may think.

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