Flowers Can Help Control Pests

Before you spray or call a pest control company for your garden, research the insect repellent plants for your vegetable or flower garden.

Pest control can be a daunting and expensive task and at times the chemicals used can affect the environment. Today there are different methods that can be used to eliminate them and some of them are natural. For instance, depending on the nature of infestation, exterminators might advise you to use predators to avert the problem. Also, there is the other method of planting flowers and other plants that will help curb the problem.

yellow Mexican marigold flowers
The fragrance of the Mexican Marigold, a known pest control, keeps mosquitoes away.

You will find that these nuisances can grow resistant to some of the pesticides in use and that is why experts will advise you on the best method to fight them in such cases. You too can take action to fight against these infestations by planting flowers as a pest control method.

The good news is that you will also be brightening up your yard. Professionals can help you in carrying out the task:

1. You should stake out the area to focus on in your yard. You should go for the areas that are much troubled and go ahead to scatter plants in these areas. It is a fact that these plants might attract insects, so avoid planting them near pools and decks where family gathers or guests are entertained.

2. For smaller yards, it is prudent to create a perimeter. You can surround the yard with plants and if you already know which of them infest your home, you can choose the right flowers to fight them.

3. To fight leaf-eating insects, you can plant the queen anne’s lace as these attract small insects that prey caterpillars.

4. Do not forget to include the colorful daisy in your lawn. Also, include the ladybugs which find it sumptuous to feed on aphids and mites which are destructive to the garden.

5. The asters as well as black-eyed susans can work wonders in your yard. These flowers are yellow and pink in color and are known to attract lacewings and hover-flies that eat up the aphids.

6. You can save the roots of the plants in your yard from the moles infestation. The sweet-smelling peony attracts predators of the root eating pests.

7. You can shoo the white flies away using the sunflowers. These attract pirate bugs which find white flies the best option to feed on.

8. The Mexican marigold helps in repelling moles and the fragrance is known to keep away mosquitoes too. You can work closely with pest control companies for best results.

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