Floormats Help Keep Business Clean

Floormats helps in cleanliness and improve the appearance of your business, especially if they have your logo.

Entrance floormats are the first line of defense in reducing the cost of removing soil and in keeping the interior environment clean for your business. The International Sanitary and Supply Association states that it costs approximately $600 to remove a pound of soil once it has entered a building.

decorative floor mat
A floormat improves your business’ appearance and absorbs dirt.

A  clean building promotes the company image, and helps ensure the overall health and safety of employees. Some estimates indicate that 85% of all dirt in a building comes in on the feet of people.


There are a number of reasons to use floormats at the entrances to buildings:

  • They are specially designed for scraping dirt and contaminants from footwear
  • Waterhog Mats are designed to store soil and water, to prevent its spreading over its sides.
  • the actual surface is slip resistant to prevent slips and falls
  • Ortho mats provide appreciated relief from leg, lower back and foot pain for workers on their feet most of their working day

The correct mat will save the company money, improve the appearance of the building, and help keep workers healthy.

How to Choose

Before meeting with the representative of a mat company, review the following information in order to choose the most appropriate for your company’s situation:

  • decide where they are needed in the building
  • estimate the typical daily traffic on it
  • determine what exterior and interior mats are needed
  • consider the quality of product to be installed, from aggressive scrapper surfaces, to wiper/scrapper designs, or wiper mats for finer dust inside the building
  • identify the need for ergonomics for work stations, to provide ortho and anti-fatigue relief for workers
  • consider specialty mats that incorporate the company logo into the design, for even better branding

The mat company will explain its options for choosing the right size and material and for making a decision about purchase or rental.

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