Your First Date With Him

You will be naturally anxious in the first date, so here are some tips. Dress sexy, but modest. Drink in moderation.Do not be nervous and have fun.

There is this dude in the neighborhood you have been attracted to and finally, he asks you out for a date. You have no slightest clue on what to do. He could turn out to be just a fling or you could have found love. Just know that it can be cool if well strategized.

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There is a level of anxiety when a guy you are attracted to asks you for a date.

Here are four important and easy tips to help you face the first date with confidence:


You have to look attractive. Perhaps, you might not have cash to spend on classy outfits but do not forget you can get your dream dress and shoes through the daily specials sites at an affordable price. Look for a sexy but modest outfit because wearing revealing cloth can make you look cheap and it will give a wrong impression of you.

Do not be nervous

It is pretty obvious that the chances of being nervous are high. Dressing well help to boost your confidence, so do it right from the start and you will be half way done. Once there, engage in a conversation, start it yourself and get to know about his hobbies, his carrier plan, but do not be too inquisitive. Remember, since it is the first date, so you do not want to be judged wrongly.

Shun alcohol

If you take alcohol and he does not know about it, you are advised not to talk about unless he introduces the idea. Yes, it will make you relax and have the confident you desperately needed. But on the other hand, overdrinking can ruin the whole thing and make you look like a cheap person.

Whether your date knows or does not know about you and if it is a must drink, then do it in moderation. You are also advised to drink plenty of water because this will keep you in good shape.

Finally, have fun!

Your first date should be memorable. Therefore have fun and enjoy yourself. Remember he is probably nervous too.  Let him know that you are enjoying his company. If you are not enjoying his company, then it beats logic not to go for a second time.

Also, be advised that it will not be possible to learn him by the first day, it will take sometime to learn a person. So, make the right decision at all times. You can ask friends to help you out in this especially those who have had experience in this matter.

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