Finding Keywords for your Site Using Google

You can use Google to finding keywords for SEO for your website rather easily. The long ones are on the bottom of the page of any Google search.

Google’s computers are programmed to look for keywords. They dominate the market in computer search engines.  Therefore, to get web visitors, research using Google is essential. Finding these keywords is not difficult. Just ask yourself, “What words would I use on Google to find my site?”

mouse with long tail drawing
Long tailed keywords have  two or more words.

  • One word keywords
  • Long tail keywords, ( more than one word).

The words in your post, or just about any post gets in Google’s computers when you post.  But, you will probably be very low in Google search for one word key words. They get millions or probably billions of searches. You would be lucky to rank on page 1,000 of any search.

Search the word “love” or “cars”. Google says, there are billions of results. You will not rank high for that or any other one word keyword. Instead, concentrate on the research for the long tail ones. “Red cars”, for example, narrow it some. Or, let’s try “convertible red cars”.

When you do a search for convertible red cars or any search, Google gives you what they call, “related searches” on the bottom of the page. These are the words people most often search, and is on Google computers to look for. If you click on a word, you will find more words. If you are writing a post, and you use a word that describes your post or site, do a search on this keyword and try to use the results. Do not try to fit it, if it doesn’t.

Make new posts using these words. Post images using them.  Make videos.  Use these words, without “keyword stuffing”, and you will make points in Google searches, assuming you follow Google’s best practices on keywords. You will catch their attention and you will get penalized if you keep using it, just to repeat it. Use the words as in normal conversation. Google will recognize when the word is used just once or twice. Caution: Use exact words sparingly. Mix them up. Google wants you to use words as it is used in normal conversation. You lose points if you use exact words all the time.

Rather than use Google Search, many use Google Adwords for keyword research.  These are the same ones from Google Search.  This is a little bit more of a complicated research. There, Google tells the public how much they will charge a business to advertise using these words.  These ads appear on the top of the searches, marked “ad” or “sponsored”.

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