Filter Water

Shower Filters from FilterWater.comTOP 5 REASONS TO BUY OUR WATER PURIFIER

1. Bottled Water costs more than gasoline. Even at $1 / bottle, you are paying $3+ per gallon. Purified water costs 1 – 10 cents, and commercial systems even less. That’s Savings of 10-30 times.

2. Aging water infrastructure will cause various regional water problems like the lead issue in Flint, MI and drought problems in California.

3. Water is different everywhere. There’s no one size fits all system. With experience and 500+ easy to install products available, we know how to properly purify it to match your specific needs. Our systems are manufactured by ISO 9001 certified factory using NSF and NSF certified components, where applicable.

4. Still using bottled water delivery? It is so last century. We can offer money and space saving Filtered Water coolers that your employees are going to love.

5. We designed water filtration systems, using proven and certified technologies, for:

Gulf of Mexico oil spill
California droughts
High Arsenic content
Lead problems in Flint, Michigan