Coats Have Been a Great Fashion Statement Throughout History

One piece of clothing you can invest in and dress yourself with, to make a fashion statement is a coat.

Wearing coats has been a great fashion statement throughout history. Over time, different kinds of styles and materials have been put together to come up with attire that sends a different message other than “I want to feel warm”. Today, fur is used to portray class, elegance and uniqueness. If you would like to continue wearing them, some of the following considerations would help you take the right steps.

woman wearing long coat with hood
People throughout history have dressed themselves in coats to make a fashion statement.

1. Consider Your Reason

The durability of a coat highly depends on the material you are using. Sheared beaver, raccoon and beaver made are quite durable, thanks to the nature of the material. On the other hand, rabbit fur and chinchilla ones are often considered lower quality. Therefore, if you consider your reasons wisely, you will know if you are to go for the durable ones or the less durable options.

2. Consider Your Body Size

Most of us would like coats that give us a slim body shape – this is especially true for the ladies. There are ones that make an individual look bigger than he or she actually is. Then, there are ones with extra-long fur give the wearer and impression of weight. They are  made of fox fur are an example. On the other hand, beaver-made do the exact opposite.

3. Consider the Length of Time You Would Like to Use it

This consideration happens to be one of the most important ones you should make. Most of us would like to adorn themselves in lengthy coats. However, they also happen to be good at collecting dirt and dust particles, meaning that their lifespan deteriorates over time. You should be ready to clean them more often, weakening the fabric.

4. Consider your Allergies, or those of Family and Close Friends

Make sure that your coats will not end up becoming a health hazard to you or your friends. Those that have fox collars affect most people who experience these allergies. In fact, if you are allergic to animal fur, the best option for you is mink. It does not have long hair and thus allergy-free.

However, you should be able to buy winter coats that suits your taste. There is no point of getting one that does not please you. Have a day out and look for one that satisfies your desires.

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