Coffee Brewing with the Espresso Maker

Many coffee aficionados brew with an espresso machine at home. Types to look for include new and used pump driven, piston driven, and fully automated.

Every coffee aficionado appreciates their favorite cup of Java. The espresso maker has become very popular, both in homes, and in restaurants, for making any type of coffee brew.  In the beginning, there was the stove-top espresso maker. It comprised of three pots, placed on top of each other. It did not use electricity, and had to be placed on top of the stove to heat the water. It is great for use, when you are out camping, but it is not ideal for the home, or any commercial establishment, since it only makes one cup at a time, and will not give you the cream at the top of the coffee.

espresso coffee machine with two coffee cupss
There is nothing like a home brewed coffee made with an espresso machine.

Then came the piston driven espresso maker. It uses a piston to force water through the coffee at high pressure, resulting in the famous creamy covering. After this came the pump driven variety. This type uses a motor-driven pump to force heated water through the coffee, giving the same results as the piston driven variety. A turn in technology, gave birth to the semi-automatic espresso maker. This machine uses an automated pump system, but every other aspect of the preparation, is done manually.

Finally, there came the fully-automated variety. This is the easiest machine to use, very convenient for anyone who cannot manually prepare a cup of espresso. Before you go out to buy an espresso maker, you should read more information on the types available, and the brands too. Various coffee aficionado sites will give you valuable information enabling you to decide on the machine to use.

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