What Are the DUI and DWI Penalties?

There are attorneys should you need to hire a DUI or DWI, if you can bear the cost. The risks are a car crash causing injuries, death, jail time and paying more for high risk auto insurance.

DWI and DUI have serious penalties. Underage people who do any of the following offenses face license suspensions:-Purchase or attempting to purchase alcohol-Lying about your age-Having alcohol in your possession-Consuming Alcohol-Public intoxication. This suspension includes 30 days for first time offenders, 60 days for second offense, and 180 days for third offenses.

driver drinking a beer and driving
Dringking and driving causes car accidents, injuries and deaths.

Along with getting charged a DUI, you will also likely spend time in jail, face many charges, have years on probation, get your license suspended and your car insurance rates will go up. Most importantly, driving under the influence not only puts your life and your passengers at risk, but also risks the lives of those on your path. Designated drivers are an easy solution to this problem. If everyone thought the consequences of driving under the influence were too big, then maybe that would help the growing number of DUI related deaths.

Many people refer to either the term DWI or DUI but what is the difference? In Texas, the term DWI means Driving While Intoxicated- and it includes those over 21. If you are younger, it is considered a DUI- which is Driving Under the Influence. DUI penalties are less severe than a DWI, but it still wouldn’t be ideal to get one. Because they have a ZERO-tolerance law for underage drinking, ANY detectable amount of alcohol in a minor under 21 is a crime and will get you a DUI, where as with DWI you have to keep you BAC below .08% (Blood Alcohol Concentration).

The seriousness of a DUI may seem overwhelming, but with proper legal representation there are ways to challenge these charges. There are experienced attorneys out there to help you.

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