When Buying Domain Names and Building a Website, Choose the Cheapest

The best domain registrar is the cheapest. With certain exceptions, many hosting companies offer free new domain registration with a purchase of hosting.

Buying the cheapest domain name you can buy is one of the smartest moves you can make, once you have decided on building a website. It is the same domain name no matter where or who  you buy it from. GoDaddy is the cheapest is the biggest company, but if you buy it from them or anywhere else, it is the same name.  Name Cheap and IDotz.net are cheaper if they are having a special. A better deal still is when a hosting firm will offer you a free domain name when you buy hosting as TMD Hosting is currently doing. Hosting and a domain name is all you have to buy for a WordPress website. When you have WordPress, a website software used by 60 million sites (including this site), you will have an affordable and quality website.

web page domain name
A unique domain name that finds your site need not be expensive.

Domain names are classified by its extensions when you are looking at price. Look for cheapest one of a particular extension. Check the price from a number of domain name vendors. Name extensions like .com is usually the most expensive, followed by.org, .net, .info and .me and so forth. Reports say that the Google prefers the old extensions, .com, .org, and .net. But exact names are also important for SEO. Those names are usually taken on the old domain extensions.

Of course, premium domain names do not count on your list of cheap domain names. Buying those names cheap is still one of the best moves. Then, you can sell it high. GoDaddy has a sell a domain name section, or you can set up a one page website and put on the site that the name is for sale.

But, what is a domain name without a website? Hosting companies such as iPage, TMD Hosting and FatCow give a new free domain name with the purchase of hosting. If you are going to buy hosting anyway, buying it with a domain name will give you the best deal for your money.


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