Do You Have a WordPress Website?

Wordpress will provide you the website builder software, give you a choice from thousands of themes and plugins, all for free.

Do you have a  website? Sixty million people do.  The main reasons for that is you don’t need to learn HTML to run and the software is free. will provide you the website software, give you a choice from thousands of themes (how your website will look), and make available thousands of plugins (Plugins increase the functionality of your website).  All for free.

woman with wordpress website for business
Do you have a WordPress Website?


To install WordPress, you need a web server and some technical knowledge. However, most people use hosting providers, which requires very little technical knowledge. Hosting providers provide their web servers for fairly cheap. Some will install the website for you. This website, Articles for Small Business, uses TMDHosting. TMDHosting will register a domain name, install, use of their web servers as well as other services, and 24/7 support for one low price.

Wordpress dashboard for admkn
There are thousands of WordPress editing tutorials for the dashboard for editing your website.on YouTube.

The WordPress Dashboard

What you get are two ways to access your website from the web: the public view and the dashboard, where you will create posts and make revisions. Writing is similar to word processing, uploading images is similar Facebook and Twitter. Thousands of tutorials, written and on video are available on the internet.

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