Compromising Instead of Demonizing in Divorce Cases

Trauma to children of divorce is caused when the couple criticize and demean each other.

Compromising instead of demonizing in divorce cases can save a lot of heartache. The divorce process has become a plague to families everywhere. You are hard pressed not to know someone who hasn’t been affected by it. Many have experienced in their own lives, or have had a family member go through it.

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To avoid the trauma of divorce to children, parents should compromise rather than demonize each other.

Couples aren’t spending the time it takes to get to know each other before marriage. They are not spending the time like they used to make their marriages work. The consequences are destructive to the family, and the ones involved don’t usually get their wish of never having to associate with that ex-spouse again—most especially when kids are involved.

The legal ramifications that come with the process are difficult, long-winded and in many times, strained by too much bitter emotions of both parties. Rather than compromise on certain things, they prefer to be stubborn and unhelpful, more worried about getting revenge on the other person than being fair. Or they hate the other person so much that they don’t want to give on anything because they find them to be incompetent caretakers.

Although this could be true, it is not up to them to make that decision. That is the decision of the judge, who after hearing the arguments from your divorce lawyer, will make an unbiased decision based on proper legal proceedings. Should you not agree with the decision, it can always be appealed, but that only extends the process divorce lawyer fees.

It could be worth it when the future of the children is on the line.  Should a parent truly be incompetent at taking care of his or her children and the judge rules the children into his possession, that decision should be appealed.

Should a parent truly be incompetent at taking care of his or her children and the judge rules the children into his possession, that decision should be appealed. The safety of the children is at stake and the decision should be made properly. However, the decision to appeal that decision should be made out of love and understanding, not out of bitter feelings.

This is one of the best ways to ensure the protection of the children. It also keeps you and your family from spending too much time and money on resolving relatively unimportant issues, like who gets the family dog. Any path to resolve the issue peacefully should be tried and tested. It is the best solution every time, and most divorce lawyers understand this.

Most experienced lawyers in general will try to settle before they take it to court. The legal system is powerful and helpful, but that doesn’t mean it is always going to serve the interests of both clients quite like a compromise will. Your best option is to settle your differences and split everything up fairly with the ex.

When compromise is truly achieved, the proceedings will be less intense and both parties will come away with a better feeling of fair settlement. Their wallets will be significantly happier too as they wouldn’t have to spend as much time with their divorce lawyer. Clients are often billed by the hour and they would be better served to come to a settlement quickly instead of a hearing and appeal that could take months.

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