Distance Learning is Becoming More Common

You can attend classes in school anywhere and everywhere with distance learning. Of course, you will lack physical interaction with your teacher and fellow students.

Distance learning is becoming more and more common in the last two decades than it ever was before. Also known as online learning, it has become a preferred choice of learning for many people because of its advantages. Most people would never have studied online because of the disadvantages that come with it, although the advantages seem more nowadays.

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You can go to school anywhere by distance learning.

Let us explore the pros and cons of distance learning.

The good

One of the major advantages of distance learning is that the time of learning is very flexible. In the traditional way of learning, your classes are set on specific days and at specific times. In distance learning, all you have to do is download your notes and lectures. You get to decide on a time that is best for you to study.

This means you can easily manage time and everything else in your life that is demanding on your time, as you study for your degree online. This is especially good for military online education. People in the military can be called to duty at any time. Learning online has a major benefit for people with this kind of careers because they do not have to miss a class because of duty calls.

Another advantage of distance learning is that you can work anywhere in the world and still do the course work and hand in your assignments in time. You are not limited to the location of your institution in order to get your degree. You can even send in your assignments while on holiday.

The bad

One major disadvantage of distance learning is the lack of physical contact between the lecturer and his or her students. A lot of learning is done through the picking up of visual cues and non-verbal communication. Online learning removes this from the program, as all the lectures and class notes as well as assignments are received online.

Another thing that online learning will eliminate from the learning process is the very important interaction of students with each other. The bonding between classmates helps in socialization, which is an important part of human social and emotional growth and development. Group work is another important part of learning that is eliminated in distance learning.

Group work participation helps students to learn how to work in teams. This is a lesson that will benefit them even in the work place. Group work gives rise to public speaking. This public speaking is encourages students to practice the very important skill that will assist them even in the work place, as they make their presentations.


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