Tips on Preparing For A Disaster

Disasters can occur at any time. Prepare your family, home and gather necessary supplies.

Communities should have tips on preparing for a disaster before it happens. A disaster is defined as a destructive or damaging event. It is something that can occur at any time. Tornadoes, fires, hurricanes and floods are just a few examples. Even though there are numerous professionals who are trained to help, it may be days before they can help you and your family. Being prepared is one of the most important things that you can do to make sure you have everything you will need to survive.

family preparing supplies for emergency.
Disasters that can occur. It pays to be ready.

Below are some tips for preparing for a disaster:

Put Together A Go Bag

A go bag is a kit that contains the supplies needed for one to survive for 72 hours after a disaster. It is also referred to as a bug-out bag, grab bag, bail-out bag and personal emergency relocation kits. You will need non-perishable food items, bottled water, a flashlight, pocket mask, dust mask, photos of family members, first aid supplies, map, sturdy shoes, whistle, copy of everyone’s identification cards and health insurance cards. You will also need to put toothbrushes, toothpaste, prescription medications, a list of allergies, a permanent marker, tape and batteries in the go bag.

There are a number of places where you can find supplies for your go bag. But of course, you can make your own list and put one together yourself. One of the places that you can consider shopping for go bag supplies is TSSi. After you have put all of your supplies in your go bag, you should put it in a place where everyone can find it. You should also make sure that you regularly check the supplies in your go bag.

Consider Solar Power or a Power Generator

In case a disaster strikes is one reason to consider getting solar power for your home. Sometimes, electricity goes out.  Those with solar power and generators are the only ones with electricity in those cases. There are also those blackouts when lightning hits a power line or a car runs into it. Sometimes, the power can be out for hours or even days. When they are out, you never know when they will come back on.  In those cases, a generator or solar power comes in handy, to turn on the lights, refrigerator and power your phone.

Make An Evacuation Plan

Sometimes, people have a day or two to evacuate. However, in many casesd, people are required to leave time immediately. That is why it is so important for you to plan ahead of time. You and your family should make a list of places to go. If you are planning to stay with relatives, then you should contact them also. Additionally, you and your family members should determine the best evacuation routes. Ideally, you should identify at least two routes.

Most people do not have time to prepare when a disaster strikes. The more prepared you and your family members are for a disaster, the better. It is also not a bad idea to do dry runs of a disaster, just as the police and medical community do. If you have small kids you will want to know the best ways to help them, or to have the older children help them. You will want to know the routes to and from their schools or locations during any given traffic period. You will also want to make sure all parties are aware of the entire plan, so no one is left in the dark. The kids can even have fun putting their go bags together. Putting together a go bag and an evacuation plan are two of the most important things that you and your family members can do to prepare for any type of disaster.

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