4 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings or weddings in vacation spots are growing in popularity. A destination wedding will make your wedding more fun and memorable.

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, especially if you have decided to celebrate at an exotic location. Destination weddings represented 24 percent of all weddings in 2012 and continue to grow in popularity. Weddings in vacation spots are fun for the special couple and also for all the guests.

Your wedding is important. A destination wedding will make it memorable.
Your wedding is important. A destination wedding will make it memorable.

If you are interested in a destination wedding, keep these tips in mind during the planning process and the memorable wedding experience.

Choose reasonable accommodations. If people are paying travel costs, you want to find hotel or resort accommodations that are affordable. If you are planning a beach wedding in Maui, consider Kaanapali condo or apartment rentals instead of individual rooms at high-priced hotels. Getting hitched in the mountains? Why not camp instead of stay at a high-end mountain resort? Do some of the research for your guests so they can afford accommodations and still have a memorable vacation centered on your big day.

Enjoy the intimacy. By choosing a distant location for your wedding, your guest list was likely reduced. People who would have happily driven across town to witness your vow exchange may not be able to make a longer trip. Only those people who truly want to be there and have the means will make the sacrifice, meaning you will have a smaller gathering but one that is more meaningful.

Plan other events. Your wedding is the star of the vacation, but take advantage of being somewhere fun by planning more group activities. You can go with organized tours or recreation or just have everyone meet on the beach or a local watering hole. A destination wedding is a great time to spend extra time with the people you love the most so maximize the togetherness.

Say “thank you.” It is important for every bride and groom to be gracious to guests, but it’s even more vital in the case of a destination wedding. The people who are there have sacrificed time and finances to be with you, so show that you really appreciate it. Nice wedding favors are a start, but there is really nothing that matches a heartfelt “thank you,” either individually or in toast form.

No matter where you plan your wedding, try to keep everything in perspective. A wedding is a spectacular way to celebrate a new union but is only one day in what will be a lifetime of love. Choose your location and the people you want to be there with you wisely and the rest will be small details in the bigger picture.

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