Deep Memories

Sex ToysDeepMemories strives to make shopping for erotic adult toys a fun, informative, and private experience. We offer extremely low prices and ship fast within one business day, many orders ship same day. Our sophisticated online store caters to women and men of all preferences and lifestyles.

Our growing staff varies greatly in age, orientation, and interests. We range from entrepreneur to Ph.D. in Medicine, from computer geek to former exotic dancer. We share a common goal: To bring the pleasure of sensuous products to as many people as possible within a sexy, instructive setting. Unlike most of our competition, we don’t think you should pay through the nose (or any orifice) for that privilege. But that’s not all that sets us apart.

We test the products we sell before adding them to our store, often volunteering long, overtime hours to do so (what dedication!). Not satisfied with stock photos, we shoot our own. We write our own descriptions to give you as much detail about our products as possible. If you need more information than you find on our pages, our customer service via email and telephone excels.

Formerly AdultSexToy-Superstore, we changed our name to underscore our commitment to privacy and confidentiality. We stock all the items we sell, which ensures our customers’ personal information remains completely confidential. In addition, by stocking our products we eliminate shipping delays and reduce the likelihood of backorders. Visiting DeepMemories generates no junk mail or pop-ups, nor do we sell or rent personal information to anyone.