The Benefits of an Unmetered Dedicated Server

To handle your small business website traffic goals, consider a dedicated server with unmetered bandwidth.

A dedicated server provides a level of customization and long-term planning that shared ones simply cannot compete with. Instead of shared hosting, which offers its clients a single partition on a server full of other clients and other websites, dedicated hosting provides an entire server at your disposal. This means that you can not only have options over the specific processor, memory, and drive space, but also the software on which your server runs.

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An unmetered dedicated server will provide you the resources to expand the traffic of your website.

If you prefer a Linux or UNIX operating system, or Windows Home Server, you may choose those. You can also choose to build your own operating system, for advanced users. Regardless of your set- up though, choosing an unmetered dedicated server will unleash the power of personalization and traffic-flow for your soon popular website.

What is an Unmetered Server?

Hosting companies not only provide you with a server space on which to run your website, but they also provide the bandwidth for it, too. Bandwidth is the transfer of data between a computer and the server on which your website is run, and the more of that you have available, the more page-requests your website can handle without incurring extra costs or shutting down. Typically, people will opt for a certain allocation of bandwidth per month, generally between one terabyte and ten, but if your website is media or storage based, or attracts a large number of users, then applying for an unmetered server is likely to save you on hassle and extra costs.

Why Not Start Small?

The argument, at first, is that you probably will not be able to attract enough page views, or transfer enough data, to justify the cost of an unmetered server. But there are a couple of things to consider before ruling it out: have you accurately measured the amount of content on each of your pages and how often each is likely to be requested, and are you prepared for a surge if your website happens to become popular, unexpectedly? A website with a low bandwidth-allocation that suddenly becomes well-visited will incur large and unnecessary costs for the exceeded data, and what were relatively small monthly savings become almost gargantuan fees.

Long-Term Planning

Some reptiles and fish will grow as large, and only as large, as their cages will allow. This means that what could be a very large lizard will be, when placed in a small cage, not large at all. Think of this as a metaphor for your own, personal potential. A website with no room in which to grow will almost certainly not grow very much. By giving yourself room to succeed, by planning ahead and providing yourself with a large cage, as it were, you are helping to engender for yourself an environment of success.

By choosing a dedicated server, you are giving your website the customization it needs to grow, change, and evolve to an increasingly diverse Internet culture. By choosing an unmetered dedicated server, you are giving your website the bandwidth it needs to become expansive, popular, and cutting-edge.

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