An in Depth Look at Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry costs more because its procedures, such as teeth whitening and veneers for tooth repair, focuses on how your teeth looks.

The world of cosmetic dentistry is one of the newest specialties in the dental community.  Despite the fact that it costs more, it is also one of the most popular dental specialties. This is because unlike other dental specialties which solely focus on the health of a patient’s teeth, cosmetic dentistry is actually able to focus on the way a patient’s teeth look.

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Many cosmetic dentistry are affordable, and will help restore that beautiful smile.

With the extreme amount of importance which we often put on the appearance of a person’s smile, the ability to address issues with the way a person’s teeth visually appear is an ability that many patients welcome with open arms. The prices depend upon the services rendered and the dentist. It pays to shop around. Have the dentist explain the procedure. With the help of before and after pictures, you can weigh your options and decide whether or not it is for you.

In order to help everyone better understand how it is that cosmetic dentists are able to accomplish this goal, I would like to take this time to take a closer look at a few of the services which make up the profession of cosmetic dentistry. Tooth Replacements One of the fastest ways to alter the way your smile looks is with a missing tooth. This is especially true when the missing tooth is located in the front of the mouth, and is highly visible when you smile.

Unfortunately, for many years the only way in which a missing tooth could be replaced is with the use of dentures. This form of tooth replacement was not permanent, and often looked quite unnatural. These drawbacks made dentures an especially unattractive option for young patients who lost one or more teeth due to an oral trauma. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry has effectively changed the way that tooth replacements are handled.

Nowadays, cosmetic dentists are able to offer their patients a natural looking tooth replacement with the help of dental implants. These implants work by allowing the dentist to anchor the implant deep within the patient’s gum line, and then attach a dental crown to the implant which will function as the patient’s new replacement tooth.

Tooth whitening, the most common cosmetic issue that people experience with their teeth is discoloration. Often times this discoloration is due to either the food and beverages which the patient consumes, or to poor habits such as smoking. This discoloration can also be a natural occurrence which happens as a patient gets older.

With so many people suffering from this cosmetic issue, tooth whitening has quickly become the most popular service of cosmetic dentists everywhere. This service allows patients the ability to get back their naturally white smile by removing stains from their teeth, and promoting a brighter, and whiter smile.

The only issue with this procedure is that the procedure often cannot be used on patients who have discoloration due to tooth decay. This is because the enamel on these patient’s teeth is already compromised, and is often not strong enough to withstand the whitening chemicals which are applied during this Hamilton cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Tooth repairs is the last type of cosmetic dentistry procedure that I would like to talk to you about. The purpose of this type of procedure is to repair a damaged tooth without negatively impacting the health of that tooth. In many cases this is accomplished with the use of veneers.

Unlike tooth replacement procedures which would require the patient’s natural tooth to be extracted, using veneers as a tooth repair option will allow the patient the ability to maintain the strength of their natural tooth while repairing the way the tooth appears. This is done by fitting a porcelain veneer over top of the patient’s damaged tooth. The veneer will then take the place of the damaged tooth surface, while the natural tooth will still provide the patient with the full oral function that they need.

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