The Four Types Of Commercial Roofing

There are four types of commercial roofing systems available from contractors: thermoplastic, solar panels or shingles, EDPM and green.

There are four types of commercial roofing systems. Each type of will provide you with a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Weighing these factors against the needs of your company will help you to determine which is right for you. In order to help you accomplish this goal, here are some basic information on each of type which are available from your contractor.

With all the commercial roofing types available, businesses must work with roofing contractors to decide the type of roofing that best suit their needs.
With all the commercial roofing types available, businesses must work with contractors to decide the type best suit their needs.


Thermoplastic roofing systems are also commonly referred to as TPOs, and are among the most popular that are available. What makes them so popular is the incredible durability which they are able to offer. While a low temperature flexibility, and a high temperature tolerance, they are able to withstand virtually anything that mother nature can throw at them.

Additionally, these systems projected to have a lifespan of more than 20 years, and very low maintenance costs. This makes them the ideal for companies who are looking for one that will stand up to the test of time, and provide them with reliable service without the need for frequent repairs.

Solar Shingles

The great thing about photovoltaic panels is that they allow the company to use their roof as a means of supplying energy to their building. This is because solar panels or solar shingles are a way of collecting solar energy which can then be used to power a variety of different systems within the building. Not only does this feature allow companies to do their part to protect the environment by using green energy, but it also allows the company to save a considerable amount of money on their energy costs.

While this will require a larger initial investment than the other three options which are available to you, many companies are now finding that the incredible savings is well worth the additional investment.


EDPM systems are one of the most traditional types of commercial roofing systems that is available to you. These systems also offer the longest lifespan of all the options which you have. Additionally, the fact that they are easier to install and maintain easy make this the most popular type. Finally, it is much easier to find qualified contractors to work on these types of systems in the event that you do require repairs.


As the focus on alternative energy sources and green living has continued to gain popularity over the past several years, so has the installation of green roofs. They cover all or a portion of the roof with soil and vegetation. This soil is placed over a waterproof membrane in order to prevent any moisture from corrupting the basic structure below.

These systems have been shown to dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs, and have been able to reduce the urban heat effect that is often an issue for urban buildings. Finally, they are able to increase insulation, and prolong the life of the underlying roof by as much as 200-300 percent.

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