Get Your Clock Repair Done Right

As with most equipment, a good maintenance will keep clocks, even antique ones, working. They are extremely fragile. It takes gentle hands.

When it no longer keeps the right time,  it is wise to get your clock repair done right. They are most often seen as heirlooms and not as a useful piece of equipment. This is, however, not true at all. Even in the digital age, are still an important piece of history as well as beautiful works of art.

clock on the wall with pendulum
Do not try to fix your clock yourself. It is extremely fragile. It takes gentle hands.

Reaching clear back in history, many cuckoo clocks have been manufactured by master woodcarvers, making them historically important as well as more than just an heirloom. This is why it is so important to properly maintain them, whether handed down to you or recently purchased. Here are a few tips to keep them ticking away for generations to come. Remember, if you ever are in doubt or run into a problem call your local clock repair shop.

A Cuckoo Clocks Style Guide

There are three different styles associated with cuckoo clocks you should be aware of: Traditional style, or the classic style; station house style; and the chalet style. Of these three chalet is the most famous. The traditional or classic style, is known for its dark stain and animal carvings, as well as for being a one of the most historical styles.

This historical aspect is true for the station house style as well. The station house style has a classier look and is not usually as darkly stained. The chalet is obvious given its actions, such as the classic wood chopper or moving figures drinking beer. This not only makes it a more complicated, but also a more sought after one.

Just as the style of a cuckoo clock is important, so are the movements and music that are associated with it. In relation to the movements, there are two different types to consider. Battery powered and mechanical brass movements are common.

Authenticity lies with the brass movements, but also requires you to wind them either once a day or once a week. Music comes with three weights and should play according to the winding required. Your one-day clock will play two songs an hour, meaning one song will play on the hour and one song on the half hour mark. The eight-day clocks will play two songs and alternate on the hour. All of them should also come equipped with a night shut-off, so make sure you locate it and make sure it is working.

Installing and Winding

One important part of properly maintaining your clock is to make sure you install and wind it properly. Once you have chosen the right style for you, you will need to take it out of its packaging properly and make sure all of the pieces are properly assembled. This takes some reading, but should be fairly easy if read carefully.

Never rush any processes that involve the mechanisms. Especially regarding cuckoo clocks; the parts are fragile and should always be handled carefully. This means that you should never force anything. The best prevention is good maintenance, so follow through with all of the instructions provided with them.

Maintenance is the Key

The best thing to remember when maintaining one is to be gentle. The parts involved can be extremely fragile. The good news is that cuckoo clocks are not known to be maintenance heavy. As long as you keep them well oiled and have the movement checked regularly from your local business that does clock repair, you should be in good shape.

Always follow the safety and warning notes with your particular clock and make sure you dust it regularly. Never use cleaners that are not recommended for you wood type. This can be one of the biggest culprits in the destruction of many a clock. Always ask a professional if any questions arise.


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