A Cheap Website Needs a Cheap Domain Name and Cheap Hosting

To have a quality website, find a company that will help you with Wordpress installation and sell you a cheap domain name and cheap, but quality hosting.

A quality and valuable website is very affordable can be bought very cheap. This includes WordPress software installation, domain name and hosting, the same tools used to make this this website.  Your message will be shown to everyone on the web. Since the software for the website, WordPress is free, the cost of a website comes right down to having a cheap domain name and cheap hosting. That’s not bad for a fully functional quality website. This website is not restrictive to being a personal site. It can be monetized with affiliate marketing programs on the internet.

A website need not be expensive.
A website need not be expensive.

TMD hosting says a new domain name is free, but of course, it isn’t since you have to buy hosting. The price of the domain name is included in the hosting. But since the hosting is cheap, it might as well be free. Until TMD hosting, either the hosting is not cheap or the domain name is not cheap. If you want to buy them both cheap, you would have to buy them at different places and put them together. TMD Hosting put an end to that. You can get a WordPress website, just like this one, for one low price.

Cheap does not mean low quality. TMD Hosting has unmatched service. Of course, the terms and cost from can change at any time. As of this writing, that is what they are offering, and has done so since I had been associated with them.

When you buy TMD hosting or any hosting, there will be an upsell on hosting extras. If you want privacy, meaning no one will be able to look up who owns the website, that will be a little bit extra. You can get that if you desire privacy, but it is not needed. You will not need any of the other extras. You can always get them later, if you want when you learn what they are. Some of them you can get free. I have not paid for any extras with this website.


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