10 Celebrations to Hold at a Golf Club

Many golf clubs are venues available for hire for celebrations such as weddings, graduations, birthday, holiday and other parties.

Planning a party? There are a lot of venues available. The process of narrowing your choices down to one can be overwhelming. You might try a golf club. There are those that specializes in full-service events and have all of the support you need to throw a successful party without a lot of hassle. The venue takes care of the details while you enjoy yourself and the event you’re celebrating.

wedding party being photographed
Golf clubs are great venues for weddings and other parties.

  1. Quinceañeras. This landmark birthday demands a special celebration above and beyond any previous birthday party. Quinceanera halls require the flexibility for unique celebrations, and a golf club can accommodate a wide-range of special requests.

  2. Birthday Parties. There are many landmark birthdays in need of a celebration above and beyond the norm. It is a great birthday party venue for the golfer and non-golfer alike and provides entertainment for guests.

  3. Holiday Parties.  They hold many events indoors and outdoors over the winter. They can accommodate a holiday party of any size and scope for a variety of organizations.

  4. Bar & Bat Mitzvahs. These birthday celebrations can be quite extensive with hundreds of guests attending a festive meal, and a golf club has the network of support to undertake a large event.

  5. Anniversaries. Landmark anniversaries are cause for a celebration on par with a wedding—pun intended. Couples may choose to renew vows at a ceremony site or hold a second ceremony for a number of reasons.

  6. Graduations. Earning a degree is always a big achievement that should be marked with a celebration. This venue allows people to come and go at their leisure and can accommodate group parties that honor several graduates at once.

  7. Bridal showers. Bridal showers may be intimate or they can be quite large events. Flexible with party sizes and smaller parties, attendees may enjoy access to rounds of golf.

  8. Baby showers. Baby showers can be a lot of work for the party planners, and holding the shower at a full-service event venue takes a lot of pressure off those people.

  9. Reunions. Reunions can be large-scale events with high needs for dining and dance floor space.

  10. Award ceremonies. An awards ceremony can be held inside or outside, and a ceremony that’s planned for the outdoors may come with a tent or onsite backup location in the event of bad weather.

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