A Wedding Video Captures a Treasured Memory

The most beautiful dream wedding recording ever is yours. Capture the cake, the ring, the visitors with a quality videographer.

The main idea of taking a wedding video is to capture the treasured memory of beginning life with your soul mate.  It is a reminder of the good time you had with your bride or groom, family and friends. One thing you should remember is,  quality will give you the pleasure of viewing the coverage over and over again.

videographer captures bride and groom at altar
Nothing captures a beautiful wedding better than a video recording.

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A Perfect Wedding Photographer

You can capture the precious wedding moments in an album by asking pertinent questions in looking for a professional wedding photographer.

If you want a perfect wedding, you should look for a perfect wedding photographer. With great expectations about a wedding, everyone works pretty hard towards achieving them. Weddings come with lots of challenges to tackle. Be first on choosing an appropriate time for the event as well as where to have it or who to invite. Furthermore, a wedding may be hectic when finding an appropriate person to do the photographs. It thus requires a though preparation and commitment towards achieving the goal.

photographer at a wedding taking pictures
A wedding photographer can capture precious, as well as awkward moments on your wedding, in an album.

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Do not Wear Too Much Jewelry On Your Wedding Day

You want the focus on you on your wedding day, not your jewelry. Wear one bold piece, consistent with your theme, from a bridal rental, if needed. 

Wearing too much jewelry on  your wedding day can cause an unintended distraction. Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life. You can expect that this is also probably one of the days where you will be taking the most photos, and you want to make sure that you look stunning.

jewelry on wrist
Wearing too much jewelry on your wedding day can be an unintended distraction.

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Choose the Best Wedding Photographer for Your Big Day

Choosing a professional wedding photographer and videographer is a matter of searching websites or referrals, looking into his company’s profile for their past work, and costs.

It is a fact to believe that- “Weddings are made in heaven and celebrated on earth”! To make these celebrations grand and memorable you try to make perfect blend of all the arrangements such as venue, food, reception, dresses etc. But the thing is, all of these arrangements will end up with the day, guests will leave and the only thing that will stay with you forever is memories.

wedding photographers at work with their equipment
Wedding memories come from choosing a professional photographer.

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Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding Weekend

Part of the wedding itinerary is the planning of activities of the visitors for the weekend before the big celebration.

Many engaged couples are not from the same hometown and may choose a neutral location for their nuptials. While only 20% of couples have a true destination wedding (anything more than 100 miles from where the bride lives), this still results in many guests packing their bags and heading out of town.

wedding party singing karaoke
Part of the wedding planning is to come up with ideas for the activities of your visitors.

A nice way to thank those traveling to celebrate is by hosting a weekend of events. Even if the wedding is taking place where you live, it is nice to accommodate those that have traveled for the occasion. So much planning goes into the special day—why not celebrate all weekend with friends and family?

Here are some ideas to make the entire wedding weekend enjoyable for your attendees:

Host a get-together the night before the wedding. Whether it’s a happy hour, BBQ, dessert, or any other social gathering with food and drink, your guests will be happy to unwind, meet friends and family before the big day, and start the celebrating just a tad early.

Set up activities with the hotel/resort. Include a list of free and paid options at the places your guests will be staying. Give them a map of the area and highlight tourist destinations and places of interest. Guests may not want or expect to spend their entire time with everyone in attendance, so give them some direction on what to do with their free time.

Include a gift basket in each guest room. Add some items that the area is known for: a local food or drink item, for example. If you have selected a theme for the rehearsal dinner or any other wedding weekend events, include an appropriate item that guests can bring or use: noise makers for a New Year’s Eve wedding or fake mustaches for the quirky rehearsal dinner. Have an open bar for the special day? Include some Alka-Seltzer and aspirin while you’re at it!

Host breakfast. A farewell breakfast or brunch is a great way to say one last “thank you” to all who attended your big day. Even if you don’t pay for it, reserve the space and invite everyone to join you the morning after the wedding. People will love the opportunity to see the bride and groom one last time!

It never hurts to see what kind of extras can be worked out for your guests when researching wedding packages. It is your big day, but what would it be without all of your loved ones there celebrating with you? Even if you can’t afford much extra expense, small tokens of appreciation will be warmly remembered when your guests think of your wedding event.

What are some of your favorite memories from weekend wedding celebrations?

4 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

The cost of destination wedding is prohibitive to many, so enjoy the intimacy of reduced guests. Look for places with reasonable accommodations.

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, especially if you have decided to celebrate at an exotic location. Destination weddings represented 24 percent of all weddings in 2012 and continue to grow in popularity. Weddings in vacation spots are fun for the special couple and also for all the guests.

Las Vegas zipline
Look for ideas for activities in your destination wedding.

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