Having a Nice Vacation in New Mexico

If you are looking for a great vacation experience in the US, consider New Mexico. New Mexico is rich in ancient history, desert vistas and a wide array of activities.

New Mexico is a good place to go if you are looking for a nice vacation. No matter what you are looking for with your vacation experience, New Mexico should be able to deliver great results for you and anyone else along for the trip. The most obvious reason to go to New Mexico is to appreciate and enjoy the scenery. New Mexico is home to sweeping desert vistas featuring some unique topography not found anywhere else on Earth.

Chaco Canyon ancient ruins
Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico is a city where the Pueblo Indians lived between 950 and 1150 AD.

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Guam: Land of the Underwater Adventure

Visit Guam for the best underwater exploration that includes one of the world’s largest tunnel aquariums, an underwater observatory and a submarine tour.

Guam offers three unique opportunities for underwater exploration without the need for snorkels, fins, wet suits, or even getting wet.  What could be more perfect than a beautiful Pacific island, tropical breezes, warm climate, white sandy beaches, and crystal-blue waters? Guam has all that, and lots of it. But so does just about every other North Pacific island, you say?  But do those other islands have not one, not two, but three opportunities to get up close and personal with the coral and its sea life—without ever putting on a diving suit or even getting your feet wet? Didn’t think so.

birds on the beach at sunset
Beautiful Pacific island, tropical breezes, warm climate, white sandy beaches, and crystal-blue waters.

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Relocating Abroad Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

To minimize the stress when relocating abroad, research the country’s laws and regulations and allow yourself ample time gather the needed documents.

While within the country relocations can be quite stressful for anyone, cross border moves come in tandem with additional challenges and much longer preparation checklists. Factors like your family size, whether or not you have school going children and others all contribute to the need to get more organized. Simply put, the best strategy when it comes to abroad relocations is then to adequately plan ahead.

man and woman with graffiti in foreign background
Moving within the country is stressful. Moving outside the country is more stressful, unless, of course, if there is a woman waiting there.

If you have time, you may want to start coordinating your move overseas several months in advance. While at it, allow sufficient time to get all the needed documents, file for the needed visas, find a good school for your children and so forth. Only after this should you then shift your focus to things such as packing and transporting your personal and household possessions.

Researching on your new country regulations

Before hiring the services of any of the many reliable long distance movers to help you in your move, you may want to research on the laws and regulations in regard to the country you are just about to relocate to. These vary from one country to another.

The best way to do this very essential research is to call the relevant consulate or embassy so as to learn if there are any restrictions or special regulations in regard to foreigners relocating to the destination country. Base your research on:

  • Required permits and visas
  • Taxes involved when it comes to shipping your personal vehicle
  • Needed vaccines for you and your family members
  • Necessary quarantines and vaccines for your pets
  • Any restrictions or special taxes on your household items

Filing for Permits, Visas, and Passports

You may want to submit applications for required permits, visas and passports as soon as possible. While at it, check to see which document will become invalid shortly after your move. If a family members permit or visa will expire in a few months time for example, then you may want to have it renewed early enough. Here are the documents you need to gather before your big cross border move.

  • Marriage and birth certificates
  • Medical, dental and vaccination records
  • Proof of citizenship, naturalization and the likes
  • Living testament and will
  • Employment records
  • Proof of residency
  • Academic diplomas and records

All in all, use the above cross-border moving checklist list to help plan ahead. This above checklist list will help you organize the details of the international move, the needed packing and make sure that all the essential documents are within reach.


Using Travel Jewelry Cases and Rolls

For portable jewelry storage when traveling, use a roll or a carrying case. It is a better alternative to putting your jewelry box in your luggage.

Conventional jewelry boxes are great for the home, but terrible for traveling. While standing jewelry armoires are obviously out of the running for air travel, many vacationers put their jewelry in their suitcase to avoid having to carry their dresser top jewelry box along with them. There are actually a number of much better solutions for portable jewelry storage, but the top two to consider are jewelry cases and rolls.

blue jewelry case
A jewelry case, as opposed to jewelry boxes, are better for traveling.

Travel Jewelry Cases

A travel jewelry case is an alternative to suitcases and jewelry boxes. Suitcases are easily compressed by a stack of other suitcases a luggage compartment, which leads to bent, scratch, or broken jewelry. Jewelry boxes designed for home use are cumbersome for air travel, and they usually have varnished exteriors that are easily scratched under a pile of luggage. Jewelry cases offer the advantages of both: they have rigid frames like jewelry boxes, but soft interiors like suitcases—usually they have boxes of medium density fiberboard skinned in real or faux leather.

Unlike suitcases, jewelry cases have plenty of appropriately sized compartments for necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces of all shapes and sizes. When you put jewelry in a suitcase with your clothes, excessive pressure may be placed on bracelets and necklaces, and any residual moisture trapped in inside clothes can lead to premature tarnishing. If you must use a suitcase, consider buying an anti-tarnish jewelry tray, put the jewelry in the tray, and put the tray in the suitcase.

Jewelry Rolls

A jewelry roll is the lightest carrying case you can find for your jewelry, ideal for a very small set of jewelry that you want to have available at all times. Jewelry rolls are oblong segments of cloth or leather that roll or fold up into a compact pouch, usually closing with a set of attached ties, or sometimes with a snap closure. They often have additional pockets for specific pieces of jewelry.

While most jewelry rolls are small enough to fit in a purse, some people define them more broadly to include hanging jewelry organizers that look like hanging suit travel bags. These larger jewelry rolls are convenient, since they allow you to find any piece at a glance (the inside of the bag has transparent plastic pockets), but they’re not rigid enough to withstand having other cases stacked on them. However, their transparent pockets makes them faster to get through TSA inspections—agents don’t have to fish through your belongings item by item to see that you’re not hiding anything illicit.

So if you’re going on a trip, do yourself a favor: only bring a small amount of jewelry with you, and keep it in the smallest container that’s convenient. If you’re going to be carrying your jewelry in a cramped environment like a luggage compartment, use a jewelry case. If you want to have your jewelry available when you’re out and about, use a jewelry roll.

Five Main Types Of Accommodation

There are five main types of accommodation if you wish to travel to a place away from home.  Hotels are the most common and are widely available through travel agencies.  There are other choices depending on personal and budgetary needs. A wide variety of accommodation ranging from cheap to expensive, ordinary to luxurious and squeezed to spacious can make your travel a little more interesting other than the typical hotel or motel. Here are some of the common types of accommodation:

Hostels are usually used by younger people because of its lower cost, but there is no upper age limit.
Hostels are usually used by younger people because of its lower cost, but there is no upper age limit.
  • Hostels – These are guest houses that are loosely defined which are considered cheaper than most other places. They are commonly used by the youths although there is no upper age limit. If you feel you have a low budget, hostels are the kinds of accommodation to go for.
  • Hotels – This kind of accommodation consists of provision of private rooms for the guests that are serviced. There is wide variety ranging from budget style to those that are extremely luxurious and the good thing about hotels is that you pick what you can afford, there by giving you a choice to go for what you feel is right you.
  • Capsule hotels – This is a kind of accommodation which is a bit cheap because their pricing is more or less than that of a hostel. They are common almost everywhere in the world. Their rooms are tiny just for one person and they have only a mattress, a radio and a TV inside them. Most of them are segregated gender-wise, meaning that there are those for ladies and those for gents.
  • Villas – Many people when planning to go for holidays take into account the location of travel to determine whether or not there are holiday villas to rent there. If you are looking to go for a place to relax, consider renting a villa. These fully furnished houses with kitchen, living room, bed room and in most cases, even a swimming pool. They have the advantages of privacy and space.
  • Bed and breakfasts (B&BS) – are small residences and you will interact with your host and other guests by sharing common spaces and eating together. They are available online if you want to reserve one. However, they have the disadvantage of lack of space and privacy in that you share common places with other guests. They are ideal for quiet environments and interacting with other people during your vacation.


Barcelo Hotels

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How to Handle Special Car Valets

If you are to go to a high-class restaurant, a hotel, or a very special event, there is a chance that you might meet a car valet or a parking attendant. The job of a car valet is very simple park your car so that you will not have to do it. When you go to some place and valet service is offered, how should you act?

Car Valet
Give nothing but your car keys to a car valet and always act nice, courteous, and respectful.

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