Tips to Avoid Cyber Crimes

While there are many organizations internationally cooperating in fighting cyber crime, it is mostly up to you to learn how to avoid them.

Many people are computer literate. Every time you are communicating online, you are simply increasing your presence online. Most websites have passwords and usernames to ensure that your information is secure. Unlike in day to day life where you will have police personnel or private security guards on a regular guard and patrol duties, there is no one who is on constant watch when it comes to your online security.

computer hacker and cracker
An email hacker can access your account. Spam email can contain a link to a virus.

There are some organizations that have come up to try and curb cyber crime but even they can only help so much. You need to ensure that your online information does not fall into the wrong hands as this could cause serious harm. Here are some pointers on what you should do when it comes to keeping your online presence secure.

There are some organizations that have come up to try and curb cyber crime but even they can only help so much.

a. In forums and blogs: Experience is the best teacher. We learn from the experiences of others and they build us up. If you want to share things about your life, well and good, however only share relevant information. Do not mention where you stay or names of people you live with. The worst is saying that you will be away for a certain number of days.

There are criminals everywhere. There might be someone who is intent on following your blog with sinister motives. As a general rule, just speak about your experience with no names it is even better if you come up with fictitious names.

b. On social networks: Twitter, Flickr, Facebook are just but a few of the social networks we have today. The joy of communicating and sharing photos with your friends is unmatched. However, be careful what you post. Something too personal information could lead to your end.

Stalkers are everywhere on these sites. Keep your security settings as airtight as you can and do not get friendly with strangers. Even though you have security settings that allow only your friends to see your profile, do not bank on that as a leeway to give out all your details.

c. E-mails: Spamming is becoming a common occurrence. You open an e-mail and to your surprise your computer starts behaving in a manner you have never seen before. It is important above all to have an anti virus because you can get spam mail from your friends if someone hacks into their account. If you receive an e-mail from someone you do not know, then do not open it.

d. Online shopping: This can become dangerous as it involves you giving out your credit card details. Be very cautious when it comes to this, and only shop from trusted websites. It is important to verify the vendor’s details before you embark on paying them online.

The Basics of Cloud Computing

The cloud computing definition is a model that allows easy network access to data and resources.

The Internet has expanded quickly in just a few short decades, and cloud computing may be the most innovative technology we’ve seen in a long time. However, not everyone may know what cloud computing is exactly. Let’s take a minute to cover some of the basics of cloud computing to get a better understanding of what it is and what it can do for you and your business.

illustration explaining cloud computing
Cloud computing allows easy and convenient access to data.

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Should You Hire an IT Employee or Use an IT Contractor?

Employers, looking to cut costs, now hire IT independent contractors rather than IT employees employees with salary and benefits.

As computer problems and issues mount on your firm, the question arises on whether you should hire an IT employee or use an IT contractor. It’s not only difficult to find a good computer support specialist when you need one, but also very costly to employ one full-time.  According to Fortune Magazine, freelance contractors are on the rise for two big reasons: employers need to cut costs by limiting the number of full-time employees receiving benefits, and workers want to create reliable income and security by limiting the risk of unemployment.

two computer workers talking to woman
Businesses are finding it cheaper to hire IT contractors than a full time IT employee.

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When you Have Computer Problems or Crashes

Data recovery, diagnosis and repair, in case of computer crashes can be taken care of by IT company services for your small business.

Nothing can cut productivity short like computer problems or crashes, but if you have a go-to repair company to resolve those problems quickly, you’ll be back on your feet in no time. Whether it’s repair, virus removal, data backup and recovery, or general IT and helpdesk consulting, you can find a repair service to cover all your bases.

computer crash meme
Small business computer virus problems, freezes and crashes can be taken care of by IT service companies.

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Profiling the Internet Predator

Parents must be aware of child predators on the internet disguising themselves as friends on social media.

What Does a Predator Look Like? Television tells us it’s the guy hiding in the shadows, ready to snatch up a child by themselves on the street. Circulating stories tell us that it’s the guy in the car that wants to give a child candy, or is asking for help to find a lost puppy. He is generally imagined as the man in the trench coat with a hat and a broad smile as malicious as it is big. A parent would see him and know him instantly. A child would think he’s just a stranger.

ICE monitors child internet predators.
Parents must have awareness of internet predators preying on children.

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Tips For Managing Electronic Circuit Board Wiring

Electronic circuit boards run computers, buildings and production machines, just to name a few. Seek professional advice, when you can, in its assembly and repair.

The vital things to consider in managing electronic circuit board wiring entail the proper use of production machines, selecting quality materials and conducting thorough testing procedures. Your production area should not destroy static electricity. You need to consider some factors before you can do this, first, by strategically implementing your immediate work area and checking for any defects that it might be having.

electronic circuit board assembly
If you are unsure on how to troubleshoot electronic circuit board, seek a professional.

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The Acer Iconia Tab A200 Tablet

Manufactured by Acer, this tablet is one of those rare tablets that are equipped with sleek design

The Acer Iconia Tab A200 is an affordable decent tablet in the never-ending battle of tablet brands. It is the newest tablet and indeed a promising device manufactured by this brand. This tablet is significantly cheaper than most of its rival brands. Despite of being offered at affordable price, the specifications and its features are certainly not cheap.

acer iconia tablet
This Acer tablet is significantly cheaper than most of its rival brands.

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