Summer Surf Gear Essentials

Especially if you are a beginner in surfing, make sure you are ready for the summer. Check websites and stores for surfboards, paddle boards, big beach towels, wetsuits, umbrellas and so forth.

When summer season is in full swing, that means long days at the beach, weekend barbecues, and working on your tan. Unfortunately, this season also means small waves and long flat spells. Between May and July, the North Pacific High deflects many wave-generating storms from reaching much of the California coast, leaving surfers hungry for waves. Although it is nice and warm, it  can certainly be a frustrating time for surfers.  There are some ways to fight the boredom caused by flat spells and enjoy the warm weather. Below we look at a handful of items that are essential to summer enjoyment on the West Coast.

surfing on the beach in California
The correct surfboard is important, especially for beginners.

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How Waves Break

If you are a prospective surfer, your lessons will include what equipment you should have, and when and how waves break. What are the factors that affect them?

Surf lessons rely on reliable equipment, careful students, and, most importantly, good waves. Unfortunately, that last item tends to be the most unpredictable. Waves rely on weather, wind, and a whole host of other factors. The best waves are even, clean, and glassy with a minimal break. Waves break when they eventually hit a shallow bottom. It’s kind of like when a person runs but trips over a speed bump. Waves breaking too early lead to white foaminess—not fun to surf on.

ocean waves breaking
A surfer must know when and how waves break.

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