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Selecting Your Very First Home

Selecting your very first home is a very hard thing to do. There are so many different aspects in choosing your first home for you and your partner. Many people wait until they are married to buy their first home together, for obvious legal reasons, it make the paperwork easier. But nowadays many couples don’t wait for marriage to buy their first home to start their family.

A check list on what you want for your very first home is helpful in finding one.
A check list on what you want for your very first home is helpful in finding one.

When you do finally choose to go to the estate agencies, always remember to show them that you are really interested in buying, because many people go to estate agents just to get an idea, so these agencies are likely to not take young people that seriously. If they think that you are the real deal, you will have a better chance at getting access to the best properties and possibly the best prices. So make sure you show them that you want to see the houses and that you talk everything through with them.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the best home for you:

  • Get an idea of what you want in a house

Make a list with your partner of exactly what you want your house to be like, what features you want in it. Make sure you write down what you want to ask them, if you want to know if they have any houses with swimming pools, or maybe houses with a double garage. Giving the agency the smaller details will help them find you the right house.

Location, location, location

Visit the area that you have found a possible house in, or the area that you would like to live in, go there during the day and at night. You must get a feel for the area, some places are completely different at night, and you might find that the area that was quite and peaceful during the day is loud and full of people at night.

  • Get out there and see the houses

Make good use of any of your spare time to go and see the houses on offer, they could only be on the market for a short period of time and you could risk loosing the perfect house for you.

  • Get it checked

Before making an offer, make sure that you have the property checked out, look at its history etc. so you don’t have any nasty surprises down the road. If you can, get in contact with the current owner and ask about heating bills etc. this will allow you to find out how well the insulation works, and how much you will be spending on heating in the future.

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Best Places to Own Real Estate in the Caribbean

The best places to look for real estate investment in the Caribbean are the Netherland Antilles, the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago.

Having your own real estate in the Caribbean paradise is one of the most awaited dreams for investors. However, the opportunity is very small. It is like looking for treasure buried very deep. But if you are able to find it, for sure you will be rewarded.

If you are looking to invest in real estate, try looking into properties in the Caribbean
If you are looking to invest in real estate, try looking into properties in the Caribbean.

Here is a list of the best places to search for when you want to own a property in the Caribbean paradise. These beautiful islands offer the best weather and have stunning beauty. With a little research on websites on the internet, one can say that owning a place in the Caribbean is worth it.

Aruba is located below the hurricane belt (just like Trinidad and Tobago) which is also safe from the threats of having natural disasters.

Trinidad and Tobago

In the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is the main provider of oil and gas, being a very industrialized country. This is where their economy depends. Tourism is also up and rising, utilizing a very large percentage on their labor force. Trinidad and Tobago has a $ 20,000 per capita GDP and still increasing at a rate of 12%. Compared to other places in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is below the hurricane belt, a little bit safer and has a lesser chance of having a natural disaster. However, crime rate within the country is rising and is a seen liability. So investors should look for properties in the safer parts of the country.


“One happy island” – that is the official motto of Aruba. This could possibly be achieved because of their flourishing residential population and successful tourist industry. When it comes to the Caribbean, Aruba vacations are chosen by more than 1.5 million people every year (75% of which are American citizens). The country’s per capita GDP is approximately $21, 800, 2nd-highest in the Caribbean next to the Cayman Islands. The country has a low crime rate, providing visitors and its residents the feeling of being safe. It is also located below the hurricane belt (just like Trinidad and Tobago) which is also safe from the threats of having natural disasters.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is quite big compared to other countries in the Caribbean paradise. Thus, it provides a vast area of available and affordable real estate. The country relies stiffly on its’ tourism for a living. 58.2% of the country’s GDP is from the tourism industry and employs more than 50% of the total labor force.  Many of them are employed by resorts. Dominican Republic resorts are widely known throughout the tourism industry.  Recently tycoons like Donald Trump, has invested over $1 billion for the development of residences and bigger resorts all throughout the country.

However, there are a few setbacks. The Dominican Republic is not below the hurricane belt so it has great threats for natural disasters. It is also struggling in terms of unemployment, inflation and income inequality. But these are being taken care of (except for its location). A Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) has been implemented, increasing tariffs on all United States exports towards the region.

Netherlands Antilles – Bonaire and Curacao

Bonaire and Curacao, also named the Windward Islands of the Netherlands Antilles, are found off the coast of Venezuela and below the hurricane belt. Its economy relies primarily on tourism and a little from oil production. While its GDP is struggling, it is still able to have a fairly high per capita GDP of $16,000.

Curacao was able to build a new airport terminal and some hotels in the hope of captivating more visitors to enter the place. Bonaire, on the other hand, is usually visited by divers because of the waters around the island that is appointed as an official marine park. It also is very visible even up to depths of 100 to 150 feet. 🙂


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