Some Ideas for Your Son’s Birthday

Make your son’s birthday memorable with a theme he will not soon forget. A cartoon character that he likes is a good theme. Other ideas are a bounce house, activities such as scavenger hunts, face painting and a magician.

Planning that special party for your young son’s birthday is an extremely important task. You adore your son and want to make his next birthday a memorable and happy experience. Birthdays only come around once a year after all, and they should be celebrated, not forgotten. What can you do to make sure that your son’s next birthday is a smashing success?

kids in front of bob the minion cake
A current fad such as the minions will make your son’s birthday party memorable.

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10 Celebrations to Hold at a Golf Club

If you are looking for a country club style venue, many golf clubs have venues that hold celebrations such as weddings, reunions, graduations, birthday, holiday and other parties.

Planning a party? There are a lot of venues available. The process of narrowing your choices down to one can be overwhelming. You might try a golf club. Many golf clubs that specializes in full-service events and have all of the support you need to throw a successful party without a lot of hassle. The venue takes care of the details while you enjoy yourself and the event you’re celebrating.

wedding party being photographed
Looking for a wedding venue? Try a golf club.
  1. Quinceañeras. This landmark birthday demands a special celebration above and beyond any previous birthday party. Quinceanera halls require the flexibility for unique celebrations, and a golf club can accommodate a wide-range of special requests.

  2. Birthday Parties. There are many landmark birthdays in need of a celebration above and beyond the norm. A golf club is a great birthday party venue for the golfer and non-golfer alike and provides entertainment for guests.

  3. Holiday Parties. Golf clubs continue to hold many events indoors and outdoors over the winter. They can accommodate a holiday party of any size and scope for a variety of organizations.

  4. Bar & Bat Mitzvahs. These birthday celebrations can be quite extensive with hundreds of guests attending a festive meal, and a golf club has the network of support to undertake a large event.

  5. Anniversaries. Landmark anniversaries are cause for a celebration on par with a wedding—pun intended. Couples may choose to renew vows at a ceremony site or hold a second ceremony for a number of reasons.

  6. Graduations. Earning a degree is always a big achievement that should be marked with a celebration. A venue like a neighborhood golf club allows people to come and go at their leisure and can accommodate group parties that honor several graduates at once.

  7. Bridal showers. Bridal showers may be intimate or they can be quite large events. A golf club is very flexible with party sizes and smaller parties may enjoy access to rounds of golf.

  8. Baby showers. Baby showers can be a lot of work for the party planners, and holding the shower at a full-service event venue takes a lot of pressure off those people.

  9. Reunions. Reunions can be large-scale events with high needs for dining and dance floor space.

  10. Award ceremonies. An awards ceremony can be held inside or outside at a golf club, and a ceremony that’s planned for the outdoors may come with a tent or onsite backup location in the event of bad weather.

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Thanksgiving party food





Hold A Great Bar Mitzvah for all to Remember

To hold a Bar or Bat Mitzvah that all the guests as well as hosts will remember for a long time for all the best reasons takes painstaking planning together with creative design and attention to all the details that make sure that the logistics run like clockwork. Bring all of these elements together and you will give the perfect party.

It is important to plan a bar mitzvah well. It is probably the most important date of your child's life.
It is important to plan a bar mitzvah well. It is probably the most important date of your child’s life.

Considering that this is probably the most important date in your child’s life you really want to make sure that the Bat Mitzvah goes like a song.

1. Finding the right theme

Of course this is celebration of maturity for your special young man or young woman, but of course all the guests should be able to enjoy the event regardless of age or gender. Start thinking about the things your child is passionate about consider:

  • Interests
  • Favorite characters
  • Movies
  • Media
  • Keep to the cool factor

Take time to see what other moms and pops are writing about the themes that they have chosen for their Bat Mitzvah to get additional ideas. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and go beyond just theming on your child’s hobbies.

2. Find a suitable location for the theme

A bare catering hall will not really help you carry off a good theme party such as Batman or the Mad Hatters tea party, check out the venues that you know and see if the owners can confirm they can deck out the hall correctly. Another smart move is to contact Bat Mitzvah catering companies who you are considering using to ask them if they know of good locations that suit the theme you have chosen. By getting a location that already responds to your needs will reduce the amount you will have to spend on decoration.

3. Getting it right from the start

Remember that many of your child’s friends will also be celebrating Bat Mitzvah as each one reaches 13 years of age, so the competition for the best Bat Mitzvah party is going to be pretty intense. For this reason designing really attractive invitations to the party is your first important goal. The invitation should reflect the theme and if you are also sending invitations by email consider using animations and graphics to raise the appeal.

4. Appeal to all your guests’ senses

Ensure that the catering company you use can demonstrate to you that they not only produce mouth-watering food and refreshments but that their presentation style is excellent. People use all 5 of their senses and the saying “people eat with their eyes” holds true. For this reason a really well presented food display is essential.


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Spice up Your Party with Photo Booth

A photo booth rental will give you and your party guests high resolution, quality prints on high quality paper to remember the moments of your party.

You will remember a photo booth rental from the fun moments, funny jokes you only remember in days after the party, your own face expressions along with nostalgia, all as a print on a piece of paper. High quality prints done instantly in high resolution, on high quality paper, to be more precise. Wide angle lenses in soft portrait lighting system snap pictures of up to eight adult people, anywhere you wanted it to be placed, be it lobbies, big rooms, small rooms, halls, backyards, stairways, elevator lifts even.

Photo Booths are available for hire for your special occasion.
Photo Booths are available for hire for your special occasion.

You will be crazy about the look of the high quality prints done instantly in plush looking booths exceptionally, hosted by our professionally trained hosts, all night long.

Absolutely no distorted head shots. No harsh flashes, no passport style images with blurry colors and smudges on the lens. Just you, a couple close friends, your facial expressions set, and click. Anyone who cares about the look of them and their friends in pictures knows what I’m talking about and how important it is.

 You will see no mechanics coming to set the machine up or anyone coming to fix nothing that broke down, since nothing will break down, for the whole night, guaranteed by our servicemen that set the whole thing up in advance for the evening. You pay no lay time and any venue will be served with the best photography experience possible. From the day you order, to the day you receive the pictures in the mail our main focus is to keep you satisfied with the professionalism and experience our impeccable workers have to offer.

Choose between color [including a printed background in the offer] and black&white imagery, curtain background color and everything you could need to make the photos look as personal and nice as you need them to look, for years to come, in one [or all] chosen print formats, of twelve you have to choose from, for you to share them with people you want to show your good times to.

These photo booths come with professional on-site hosts, included with every hire, who will be servicing the photo booth guest books, explaining how anything and everything about this service works to the guests and even cleaning lens smudges and keeping the whole machine clean.


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Author: Sophie is big fan of photography and decoration. Love to share her tips&tricks and keep serching for new inspirational ideas.

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How to Dress up your Child for a Special Occasion

To dress up your child properly for a special occasion, trick them into thinking it is their idea by making an agreement with someone they look up to.

No matter if it is your niece’s school play, your nephew’s football game, a holy communion or a wedding, many of you have probably experienced difficulties when it comes to dressing up your child for special occasions. You need to be able to survive your children and their caprice with minimum collateral damage on your nerves, so let us see how you can avoid losing your nerves every time you need to go to a family gathering or a wedding.

Your kids might have to wear either a tuxedo.
Your kids might have to wear either a tuxedo.

Make them think they decide

Making your children think that they have decided what to wear is even more important than what they are going to wear. To trick them, you can make an agreement with your brother or sister or anybody close to the family who you know your son or daughter look up to. That person of your children’s trust is the crucial one in this situation. Make him or her take your child for a walk and suggest your baby boy or girl what he or she could wear for the event. They can even ask kids what items they like and dislike. Once that part of the dress-up mission is over, your child is ready to go for walk with you and you will know where to take him or her and what to offer them.

Weddings, terrible weddings

For most children, weddings are terrible. They need to act unnaturally, behave as if they are adults and, what is worse, they are going to miss their favourite cartoon on TV. While nowadays you can easily make up for the cartoon with the help of websites on the internet, the fact that kids are not meant for weddings remains true. If you still decide that your prince or princess should be dressed up as an adult, wearing a tuxedo, a shirt and a tie, or a long pink dress, check out these amazing star wedding gallery.

Peers’ birthdays

Since weddings do not belong to their genuine world, they will probably not be too interested in them. However, their friends and relatives’ birthdays might cause a completely different reaction. Kids and teenagers appreciate their peers’ opinion more than anything else. Being aware of that, you must leave them choose their own clothes on their own. If they like Black Keys or Rihanna or whatever, you need to let them wear that motif on their clothes. Younger children cannot have a limited possibility of choice, so you need to suggest them what to wear. For children’s birthdays, the best solution is T-shirts for both boys and girls. They can decide what patterns they want.

Here are a few cheerful suggestions

In addition to the outfit they are wearing, you need to prepare them another one, in case they spill juice on their clothes or drop a piece of cake.

Dressing up is important for children as it is for us. They just copy our behaviour and reactions. So, let your children choose what to wear, but be there for any question or advice.


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Party Inspiration: 5 Colorful Ideas for Kids

Party themes of colors make successful kids parties. This can be done with colorful balloons, rainbow sodas, colorful buffets, legos and rainbow cake.

There is one thing that every parent wants to do at least once in their life and that is to throw the best possible birthday party for their kid(s). There is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your child and all the guests at the party having the time of their young lives. Party themes of colors are parts of every successful kids’ parties.  This little guide we will tell you how to bring as much color to your kids’ party as possible.

In order to end on a high note, or to have a very clear highpoint of the entire party, you could make or order a rainbow cake that ill have all the different layers in the colors of the rainbow.
In order to end on a high note, or to have a very clear highpoint of the entire party, you could make or order a rainbow cake that ill have all the different layers in the colors of the rainbow.

1. Balloons

We adults are a jaded bunch and one of the most obvious indications of this is how we have forgotten to appreciate and enjoy balloons. Balloons are great. Kids love balloons and kids cannot get enough of balloons. Really. It does sound like a lame idea for parents who are just out of ideas but you can never overestimate the love of kids for balloons. And in keeping in with our theme, the more colorful a balloon is, the better.

2. Multi-colored Buffet

There is nothing sadder in the eyes of a child than a selection of food that features earthy tones. Kids do not care if the food is the most delicious in the world unless it is colorful and exciting. If you really want to give the kids what they want, you will have a multi-colored buffet packed with delicious, delicious candy. If you want to go with a healthier alternative, you can create multi-colored and/or rainbow buffet which will feature all the different and differently-colored fruit.

3. Soda Rainbow

Another thing that you have to have at your kids’ party is soda. Once again, the way to go is rainbow where you will arrange all the different sodas according to their color and create a cool rainbow that the kids will just love. Once again, if you are looking for a healthier option, you can have freshly squeezed juice that you will also arrange according to the colors of the rainbow. Start with red grapefruit and end with blueberry.

4. Lego bursting with color

Kids love playing with Legos and other, perhaps non-brand name building blocks and it would be a good idea to cater to this as well. This is particularly good if it is a winter birthday and the kids cannot really play outside. This will give them something to do without having to worry about your home becoming a scene from WWII. And as always – the more colorful the bricks, the better. Legos can make the party. They can be as big as you want. You might want to watch the Lego Movie to get ideas.

5. Rainbow cake

In order to end on a high note, or to have a very clear highpoint of the entire party, you could make or order a rainbow cake that ill have all the different layers in the colors of the rainbow. Once again, you can go with the fruit theme although that might be too much for the palates. The good thing is that you should have absolutely no difficulties finding a place that sells rainbow cakes.


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image by Sophie Andersen