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marijuana seedling
With the relaxation of marijuana laws, health care workers worry about its abuse.

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Ways To Improve Mental Health

Tips of improving mental health include changing negative attitude, and exercise. Identify and consume foods and supplements that promote mental health.

For a longer and a more fulfilling life, one must look into ways to improve mental health. Besides your heart, your brain is the most important part of your body because it is the control room that instructs other parts of your body towards their normal functions. Your thoughts can affect your physical and emotional well being.

woman feeding birds
Interaction with animals promotes a positive attitude and improves the quality of life.

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How to Quit an Addiction

Quitting an addiction problem is not easy. First, you must realize your need to stop using. Then, take things by steps and by day. Help is around when you seek it.

If you are currently suffering from an addiction that is harmful to your health, or simply want to make a life change, know that you don’t have to endure the process of quitting alone. Many people in this country are addicted—some aren’t even aware that they are. Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, and eating too much overly processed food (all that processed food contains additives like high fructose corn syrup that make your brain want more!) are some common addictions.

fingers holding lit cigarette
Two things that must exist before you can quit addiction are to admit you have a problem and you need help.

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Dressing Up to Counter Mood Swings

To illuminate your mind when it is cloudy and illuminate your mind when depressed, try dressing up.

One way to help brighten your mood when you are down is to dress up. Women have mood swings and have been called many names related to being emotional. As much as we are wont to accept it, we are a feeling creature everything we do and say is based on our emotions. Even the dress we wear is according to how we feel at that moment.

smiling woman with coat, gloves, hat and glasses
Dressing up can make you feel better when you are down.

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Cigarettes Impede Healthy Taste Bud Regeneration

Chemicals found in cigarettes have been found to impede healthy taste bud regeneration prevent smokers from decently tasting the bitterness of coffee.

Coffee and Cigarettes may have been today’s common pair for some people but, researchers do not agree with such conventional pairing because of the hazardous chemicals they have discovered in cigarettes which impede healthy taste bud regeneration thus; smokers do not (decently) taste bitterness of coffee. Tobacco toxins do not only cause cancer but also baffle the smoker’s sense of taste but willfully attack the fungiform papillae -the area in your mouth where taste buds settle. Unfortunately, the extent on how much is influenced in the smokers’ taste continues to become a mystery as well as their probability to regain the healthy taste after they quit smoking.

The medical team found out that nearly 20% of smokers failed to correctly distinguish the bitter taste of coffee (when in fact, bitter receptors should even find bitter taste even in a very small concentration).
The medical team found out that nearly 20% of smokers failed to correctly distinguish the bitter taste of coffee (when in fact, bitter receptors should even find bitter taste even in a very small concentration).

Our taste buds are significantly responsible for telling us how sweet, bitter, sour or salty the food that enters our mouth. Even the metallic sensations are well conveyed by them. Taste buds (being a fragment of our oral anatomy) play very significant roles in a person’s taste system. As a matter of fact, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who is in business to protect people from health threats:

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Common Practices Which Help Reduce Life Expectancy

Life expectancy can be reduced by practices like alcoholism, smoking, habitually sunbathe, overeating, crash dieting and not getting enough sleep.

There are some common practices among people which help increase their medical problems and reduce their life expectancy. The following are some bad practices that reduce the life expectancy of a person.

lit cigarette
Smoking does not do any good to a person. In fact, this habit reduces the life expectancy of a person.

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