What Are the DUI and DWI Penalties?

While there are attorneys in the business of helping DUI or DWI may help you, it still puts your life, your passengers, and anyone on the road near your vehicle at risk.

DWI and DUI have serious penalties. Underage people who do any of the following offenses face license suspensions:-Purchase or attempting to purchase alcohol-Lying about your age-Having alcohol in your possession-Consuming Alcohol-Public intoxication. This suspension includes 30 days for first time offenders, 60 days for second offense, and 180 days for third offenses.

driver drinking beer while driving
Drinking and driving puts all around you at risk, may land you in jail and is very costly.

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Details Needed for Your Personal Injury Attorney

Should a lawyer be involved in personal injury cases, details of how the injury occurred is essential. Attorneys typical help in the letting the victim know what documentation is needed and even in procuring it.

Individuals across the nation contact personal injury lawyers every day because of the compensation, reimbursement and recompense these attorneys can provide for those who are wrongfully injured. Auto accidents are typically the culprit, and therefore will be the main topic of discussion, but understanding what details the attorney will need to successfully manage the courtroom is imperative to the overall success of the personal injury claim.

left hand in cast
A lawyer would want to know the details surrounding the injury.

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Choosing the Correct Lawyer for Your Situation

There are proper procedures to win a court case. First, you must choose the right lawyer. Look for one with experience in trying your case.

When you have a situation in which you need a lawyer,  you want to make sure that you are shop around wisely to find the best one for you. Take the time that you need to be sure that you find someone, that has experience trying the case that you are going to be bringing to court.

man testifies before a judge in court.
To win a case in court, start with choosing the right lawyer.

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Why You Might Use Prison Records

Anyone’s prison records are public . For your safety, documents are available to you when you date, hire or rent.

Prison information is public record, and the people have a right to know someone’s jail history in order to protect themselves. It might seem like an invasion of privacy, but knowing someone’s past can help protect the innocent. Here are just a few reasons you might want to know someone’s criminal documents.

barbed wire over a chain link fence
One of the records available to you when you date, rent or hire someone is a prison history.

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The One Document Every Business Owner Should Keep Up-To-Date

Best practices for your business include implementing the benefits of succession planning. Go through the process of planning what will happen to your business in the event of your retirement, injury or death.

There’s no shortage of business advice articles aimed at starting a business, growing a business, or even selling a business. But there’s one area of business advice that is often neglected: succession planning. It’s a darker area of business planning that not many people want to dwell on for too long, but as a business owner, it’s important to have an up-to-date will in place should the unexpected happen.

last will and testament document
Your business may last, but you may not. Who will take over?

Succession planning is the official documentation that sets out what you would like to happen to your business if you are no longer able to run it, either because of retirement, or even injury and death. You might think “I’ll be dead, what does it matter to me?” This is a potentially problematic approach. If you want your business to flourish without you, then it is essential. The legal networks around business succession planning isn’t quite as logical as one might think. The best person to keep running your business might not be the person the courts decide should take over.

If you’re married or have children, it is also essential to ensure everyone receives their fair cut. If you’re not yet convinced, consider these four reasons you should get your business will in order…

Advocate For Your Business When You Aren’t Around

Succession planning isn’t only about what happens to your business if you pass away, it also covers any time where you are incapacitated and unable to make decisions. If you were to get in a car accident and be unable to work or make decisions for 6 months, this could cripple your business and leave you with nothing when you are back to work. This allows you to decide who will take the helm if you aren’t around, and this could help to save your business in a pinch. If you employ people, you will also be ensuring that you are protecting their jobs.

Ease The Tax Burden On Your Family

If you pass away without a succession plan in place, then your partner will inherit your whole business. If they decide to sell, rather than run the business, then this money will become part of their estate and subject to inheritance tax when it is passed on to your children. However, if you decide that the business should be placed in a trust after you pass away, your family will continue to benefit from the business without being subject to extra tax burdens.

Avoid Unnecessary Family Disputes

Imagine the following scenario. One of your children works in the family business while your other children have pursued other careers. After you pass away without a business will, the courts decide the business should be split equally between your children. This leaves the child running the business with a difficult position: they will either have to buy out their siblings, or sell the business. With a succession plan in place, you could place one child in charge of the business and give the other children a greater share of your other assets. Succession planning helps to avoid getting dispute resolution solicitors involved at a time that you family should be supporting each other, rather than fighting over the spoils.

Succession Planning Is Easy To Do

Many people avoid writing a will because they worry that it is too difficult, but all it takes is a quick call to a wills solicitor in order to put a plan in place. If you’re scared of complex legal language, a good solicitor will help to cut through the jargon and express your wishes in the simplest way.

Getting Out of Jail

Two ways of getting released from jail are bail bonds from an agent and your own recognizance, as long as your offense isn’t a felony or anything serious.

Getting locked up is not something anyone likes; it is in fact one of the biggest fears that the human kind has, it is known as dike phobia. Being behind bars is extremely stressful and it doesn’t matter if you have committed anything wrong or not. The fact that it will stay with you forever is in itself embarrassing and hard to deal with. The stress is manifold when you are clueless about what to do after getting in jail. Well, it is obvious that the predominant thought is to get out but how? Bail bond is one of the answers to this question and the following will enlighten you more.

silhouette of a man devastated in jail
When you are in that unfortunate situation, the knowledge of getting out of jail is a must.

It was fun when it was Monopoly. This is no longer fun. You can get out of jail but it depends on the level and seriousness of the crime or event under which you have been booked. Lack of money cannot stop you from getting out; you will need some collateral though, i.e. in form of property or any other movable asset. The following are two common ways to get out:

Own Recognizance

I do not hesitate to say that you have to be lucky to get released on the account of this option, aka O.R. Own Recognizance is a legal term which it allows you to give your word of honor and sign a document assuring the court that you would be present on the said date for trial or hearing.

This option is viable only under certain circumstances like: you should have a clean record, the allegation should not be serious, you should have family members living in the area where you got arrested, you have been living in that area for long and you have previously showed up on time at court when required (if applicable).

Court Bail Bonds

These are useful when you have no cash on you to pay up the amount. Lack of money cannot stop you from getting out of jail; you will need some collateral though, i.e. in form of property or any other movable asset. Bail bond agents pay up for you and charge a fees of within 10-15% (20% in some cases).

Now you know what to do to get out of jail without panicking inside. Either of these two options will be available to you apart from other legal help.

When You Need a Criminal Lawyer

If you had been accused of committing a crime, you need a criminal lawyer. He will outline for you the steps and procedures of the criminal process.

When you find yourself in need of the services of one of the criminal lawyers, you may be at a lost for how you can help your case. Working with the lawyer will give you an idea of what he expects from you. After all, how your conduct yourself while you are facing criminal charges has a large bearing on how your legal situation turns out. In addition to the guidelines the lawyer presents you with, there are some additional ones you should consider.

hands being handcuffs
No matter what the charges are against you, tell your lawyer.the truth.

Although you have most likely heard all your life that the police are your friends, nothing could be further from the truth if you are the defendant in a case. When you are the defendant, it is because the police and prosecution believe that you committed the crime of which you are accused. Their job is to ensure that you are penalized according to the terms set forth by the law.

That is why one of the guidelines criminal lawyers give out to clients is to not talk to the police or prosecutors without first conferring with your counsel. Whatever information you divulge to the police may come back to haunt you in your case. It can be used against you to prove the prosecution’s case. If any member of law enforcement calls you, refer them to your criminal lawyer. You won’t get in trouble for doing so. It is expected of you.

Criminal lawyers are there to help you get a fair shake in the system. They can’t do this if they don’t know the truth. Regardless of the charges you are facing, tell the truth. Your lawyer’s defense strategy is impeded if you don’t tell them upfront whether or not you are guilty of the charges. If you know who did the crime, tell them. If you didn’t commit the crime you are accused of but did commit another one, tell them.

Your lawyer has most likely heard every scenario you could possibly imagine, so don’t worry about being embarrassed. You should also not concern yourself with losing your lawyer’s respect. He will respect you far less if you lie to him and he finds out later from the prosecution while you are in court. Another helpful tip for working with your criminal lawyers is to give him the names and contact information for any witnesses of whom you are aware. Do not attempt to approach them yourself. Most jurisdictions have very strict laws in place to provide protection to the witnesses of crimes. A witness could easily misconstrue your contact as intimidation. If the witness reports you to police, you could be facing a tampering charge that is considered a felony in most jurisdictions.

When you give your lawyer the contact information, it saves the cost of an investigator. It also gives the lawyer a chance to talk with each witness early on in your case. This is crucial to how he shapes your defense. In all likelihood, the prosecution will have spoken with the witnesses early in your case and have gained useful information that they can use to prosecute you. The sooner the lawyer knows what the witness saw or heard, the better he can counter it in court.

You should be on time for each and every appointment or hearing related to your criminal charge. The judge in your case may take your inability to show up for hearings on time as dismissal of the seriousness of the charges you are facing. This could negatively impact you if you are convicted and are facing sentencing for your crime.