Feng Shui Tips for a Perfect Bedroom

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese interior design method in achieving energy flow, peace and harmony by the arrangement of furniture in your living space.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese interior design technique. The main goal of this technique is achieving harmony and peace of mind by arranging furniture items in your living space so that they ensure the free energy flow. As a consequence (or benefit), people inhabiting that particular space will be charged with the positive energy that has been produced by and reached through the Feng Shui technique. By applying this technique, you are going to achieve a balance and calm in your bedroom. When reaching that state, you will be able to function without stress (or at least under less stress) and your sexual life will be improved, too.

bedroom with illustration of air flow
Feng Shui is an interior design for the free flow of energy.

According to this technique, the bedroom needs to be filled with fresh air as much as possible. To make that possible, you should get rid of unnecessary things from your bedroom. Feng Shui generally recommends lessening the amount of things and items in your home. If there are a lot of things, energy will be wasted on them and your space is going to be inefficient in terms of energy. To ensure that the air flows freely through your bedroom, you should buy or get thin, relaxing curtains.

Also, the window(s) of your bedroom should be opened as much as possible, even in winter. Apart from that, do not go for large carpets in the bedroom. They accumulate negative energy and dirt, which then affects the energy balance of the whole bedroom and people sleeping in it. Instead of thick carpets, ordinary or shaggy rugs could serve as a fine alternative. They are easily cleaned and removed, more importantly, and they do not stop the air flow in the bedroom.

Appliance and Gadget-Free Bedroom

To make your bedroom completely fengshuish, you should leave all the appliances and gadgets in another part of your home. TV sets and mobiles emit radiation which affects the positive energy reached through the free air flow in the bedroom. It is not also radiation that harms the surrounding space, but also the role of technical devices in the bedroom. If you want to practice Feng Shui, it means that you need to devote yourself completely to it. Also, if there is another person with you in the bedroom, the more newly created positive energy you share, the more you will feel. Complete commitment to your partner and the energy field of the bedroom should be mutually exclusive with appliances and gadgets. However, music can actually enrich the sensation, so a CD player is allowed.

Colors in Feng Shui bedroom

This technique promotes only human skin-like colors for the bedroom. These colors have a soothing effect on human eye and brain, as well. Applying these colors will only add to overall tranquility of the room and it will also amount to the general energy level in the room. Shades of these colors can be used in different parts of the bedroom. For instance, if the wall is beige, the rug can be light brown. Through different colors, you can make a real visual palette that could symbolize the color variety and beauty of various peoples and races in the world.

Minimalistic Home Décor Ideas for a Modern Living Room

Minimalism in home improvement is a simple decorative system. It pays to have only necessary things to have more space or when one moves constantly.

Minimalism, when it comes to home improvement, tends to be the prevalent decoration philosophy today, especially. Beside that, minimalistic décor has been governing private homes as well for a while. Since the world is changing rapidly today, people do not have enough time or energy for large and thorough analysis, which reflects to every part of our lives.

Design minimalism has been spreading since the 1980s and the yuppie-era.
Design minimalism has been spreading since the 1980s and the yuppie-era.

Songs are much simpler and shallower today than thirty and forty years ago. Books do not comprise larger-than-life heroes or complex philosophical issues like before. Films that we watch today are brimming with special effects and superheroes but they do not have any deeper messages. It is all normal and natural in websites, affiliate internet marketing and the sped-up materialistic world that we are currently living in. The modern home lifestyle has introduced the same tendencies into architecture and interior design.

However, design minimalism did not suddenly appear yesterday. It has been spreading since the 1980s and the yuppie-era. It is a school example how a rat race, combined with a high level of alienation leads to individualism and overrated consumerism. When people started living for money and their primary joys, the aesthetics of the space that they were living in did not matter that much. The only force and motif was practicality. That is the core reason for such a popularity of minimalism.

Neutral colours, impersonal shapes

Minimalism advocates maximum neutrality. You never know when a working person will be transferred to another city or another state and he or she must be ready to take only the most necessary things with them. Because of that, minimalistic homes have only the most essential items, which make living in them ultimately practical and plain.

Based on the economy of the 1980s, flats serve only to stay the night and get ready for the next workday. Due to that, minimalistic home décor veers towards as neutral colours as it gets and no personal traces. Furniture must be functional and its shapes regular and practical, to be good for anyone who moves in such a flat. If you want to buy a TV-set or a hi-fi, you need to incorporate them with already existent lines and colours. So, the best option is purchasing either black or white appliances, to fit them into the already existent arrangement.

A bar between a living room and a dining room is another popular solution. It serves as a physical obstacle that divides the space and thus creates mental division between different areas of the flat. This is important to make people think their flats are actually larger than they really are.

Curtains and rugs in minimalism

While minimalism mostly stresses out the practicality and pragmatism of modern human-centred world, it needs one important thing from nature – sunlight. Minimalistic living rooms crave for light, because the natural light comes in as a surrogate for items that have been left out. Of course, you can install various tapes of lights and chandeliers in your rooms, but lack of natural light from the outside spoils the whole concept of minimalistic home décor.

That is why minimalistic flats do not need heavy or dark curtains or shades. The best options for such flats are Venetian blinds, so that you and every future tenant can adjust them the way he or she wants. Curtains should be present, but not too emphasized. They are here in case of temperature extremes, to prevent scorching sunlight to melt down the air and to spend less electricity on the air-conditioner.

Rugs in a modern minimalistic living room do take an important position, since they need to be the cohesive item over the flooring of the living room. The most appropriate option is that modern rugs follow the colours and shapes of the surrounding furniture. If your living room is predominantly white and black, with sharp lines and no ornaments, the rugs should follow suit and be in accordance with that model. Avoid vivid and colourful rugs with excessive Oriental patterns. Rugs with one or two patterns with straight lines are more adequate for a minimalistic living room.


living room image by Wikimedia Commons

How to Save on your Monthly or Annual Energy Bill

You can save money on your energy bills by adjusting the thermostat of your water heater and refrigerator; and not put hot food inside the refrigerator.

Our monthly or annual energy bills tend to fluctuate, which can be rather bothersome. We often hear how the cost of energy is going to rise and we worry because we need to save money. This article will help you save as much money as you can on energy bills.  With the help or advice of your plumber, you can follow these tips each month to help you save money in the long run.

Get your home a solar powered heating system and you will help yourself as well as the environment.
Get your home a solar powered heating system and you will help yourself as well as the environment.

Bathroom plumbing

Water heaters

The first place you need to start with is your bathroom. Careful use of the water heater can save you up to 10% on your monthly energy bill. A two kilowatt heater working one hour will spend two kilowatt hours, which amounts to 150 kilowatt hours per month, if working two and a half hours per day.

To save some hot water, all you need to do is set the thermostat on the heater between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius. Then, instead of taking a bath, take a shower. That way you save considerable amounts of hot water and electricity. Don’t forget to check for fouling from time to time as it also increases consumption.

Solar panels

One of the best ways to save hot water and electricity is to switch to solar panels. The solar systems with solar vacuum collectors and other elements for solar accumulation of energy are a clean energy system and an ideal solution for any household. The biggest advantage, of course, being huge savings on your energy bills.

The world is experiencing an energy crisis and an acute contamination of the Earth’s environment. This has led us to think twice about our energy consumption and to consider using solar energy as a way to solve the problem. So don’t waste any more time and get your home a solar powered heating system. You will help yourself as well as the environment.

Washing machines

A washing machine uses one to two kilowatt hours, and it usually works for three hours. By turning it on every other day, you spend 45 to 90 kilowatt hours per month. If you want to save energy on washing machines, turn them on after midnight and use shorter washing programs. This will also save you 10%.


Your fridge and stove can save you 6%, respectively. Set the thermostat in the fridge to 3 or 5 degrees Celsius. Avoid placing hot pots inside the fridge and always use lids. Clean the fridge on a regular basis.

As far as the stove is concerned, the gas burners, or other electric heating elements on your stove will use 1.5 to 1.8 kilowatt hours per one hour. The heaters inside the oven use 2 to 4 kilowatt hours. The pot you are using to cook should be the same size as the burner. Don’t forget to cover the pots during cooking.

If you are using the oven, don’t set the thermostat to the maximum and avoid opening the oven door. Each time you open it, you decrease the temperature by 15 degrees Celsius.


solar water heater image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Solar Water Heating, a Family Friendly Home Improvement

An affordable and efficient way of making your home heating system more efficient to reduce your heating bill is by installing the solar water heating.

Living in the climate in which you do not need any heating is the most efficient and least expensive way of dealing with the heating system and all the problems it carries along. However, if you are not that privileged and you must think every winter about your heating bills and alternative ways of heating, then you need do think through all the possible options of reducing the consumption and price of heating.

Put all the figures on the paper and see if your energy expenditure requires solar panels in the first place.
Put all the figures on the paper and see if your energy expenditure requires solar panels in the first place.

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Expanding Usable Space With Lean To Shed Plans

Look at lean to shed plans as a smart storage option. By using an outer wall to your house as the main wall for your shed, it is easy to install

Even in the most organized household, storage space is often at a premium. DIY shelves, bins and boxes are used to manage the products and materials that are used occasionally, but not often enough to have their own niche in the hierarchy of easily accessible storage areas. Garden and yard maintenance tools and supplies often fit into this category, so when the volume of what needs to be stored becomes greater than the amount of square footage available, it’s probably time to evaluate lean to shed plans as a smart storage option.

The main wall of a classic lean to shed plan already exists as the outer wall of your house, your garage or another structure on the property.
The main wall of a classic lean to shed plan already exists as the outer wall of your house, your garage or another structure on the property.

The design for the sheds in the modern era has evolved from the days of the frontier when boards were slapped up against a sod cabin to make a little more room to house the farm tools. Contemporary versions of the sturdy design are visually attractive, and while they offer a very practical approach to storage needs, they also can serve as supplements to the overall architectural design.

Depending on the planned use of your new shed, you may also want to install a window or two in order to have natural light in the space. By positioning the lean to next to an existing structure, you should have easy access to an electrical outlet or wiring that allows you to install a light fixture that will illuminate the space so that you can easily see what is stored. The paint you use on the shed’s exterior walls, and the roofing material you use, will help integrate the shed with the overall look and design of your home or whichever structure you use to provide the fourth wall of the shed.

Materials and Equipment

One of the reasons the shed plans are popular is because they are simple and easy to install. The main wall of a classic plan already exists as the outer wall of your house, your garage or another structure on the property. That leaves only three walls and a roof that you need to erect. The shed will also need a good, sturdy door that gives you access to the interior and that you can lock to protect the shed’s contents.

When you evaluate lean to shed plans, consider the availability of the materials you need to use to bring this project to completion. In most areas, the timber for construction, tools and supplies are readily available at home improvement stores, internet marketing affiliates and lumber yards. In many cases, the wood can be cut to size onsite before you bring it home to assemble. Doors with casings are available, and all you need to do is haul them home in a vehicle or trailer large enough to accommodate the size of the feature.

Flooring material may be plain gravel for the most simple type, but for many plans you will need to use concrete. Ready mix concrete or quikrete will do. Depending on the size of the shed, you can mix cement by hand in a small tub or in a larger concrete mixer that can be rented by the day. While you are at the hardware or tool store , make sure you have the standard tools of the trade — a hammer, a drill, a screwdriver, and a leveling device.

Finishing Touches

The roof on your shed may be a simple assembly of asphalt shingles, wood shingles or slate to match the exterior decor of the house or structure to which it is attached. Your next step is to paint the shed with the same color as the house, or in a subtle, complementary color that will blend in with the overall visual appeal of the land. Add a few shrubs around the shed to create a transition with existing landscaping.

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How the World Would Be Without a Handyman

Handymen are the most underappreciated professionals in the world today. Most of us would be lost without them and our efficient worlds would come to a standstill.

How the world would be without a handyman is a scary thought.  We define a handyman as somebody who can fix almost everything with his hands and knows exactly the tools and the equipment needed.  Many of us do not have this talent.  One should have a handyman’s number in his contact list. He definitely is the first person you would like to see in a house emergency.

A pressure hose is needed to prevent hours of sweeping, scrubbing and getting into hard corners. Research is needed to find the best place to rent the pressure hose, and then how to use it. With a lot of trouble, your patio or driveway will look almost brand new.
A pressure hose is needed to prevent hours of sweeping, scrubbing and getting into hard corners. Research is needed to find the best place to rent the pressure hose, and then how to use it. With a lot of trouble, your patio or driveway will look almost brand new.


Can we imagine a world without these men in blue crisp overalls? If they were not around, many of the things that need to be done will be left undone and if they are done, it is not done correctly. Most of us don’t realize the worth of something until they are not there. Let’s go on a scary trip into an imaginary world, where there are no handymen that come to our rescue.

  • Hanging mirrors and paintings – If you know how to hang a mirror, you know how involved it can get.  Are you aware of which tools you will need and what hardware to buy? Do you have time to do it, or is this a project that will not be done for weeks or months? Even if you find time to hang it, are you sure it will stay and not eventually fall off? When hanging a painting, a mirror or a heavy object on your wall, will you will have to do it yourself.

  • Cleaning – Spring cleaning, after there is a snow storm or a bad session of rain, you need to get up and clean your driveway or your patio or the roof yourself.  A pressure hose is needed to prevent hours of sweeping, scrubbing and getting into hard corners.  Research is needed to find the best place to rent the pressure hose,  and then how to use it.  With a lot of trouble, your patio or driveway will look almost brand new.
  • Gardening – There are bushes and many more chores to clean the backyard.  You need take out time and do it yourself on your day off.
  • Carpentry – You want some new shelves in your study or repair the garage door. In this world devoid of handymen you will have to do it yourself. If you want to erect a club house or a shed, you’ll have to do it yourself.
  • Plumbing-  The hot water pipe bust at six am on a Sunday. You have obligations either at church or getting together with family. They will have to wait. You will have to fix the plumbing.
  • Roofing – It was really windy last night and the roof shingles got displaced and the rain is coming inside the attic. You need to put up buckets to catch the rain. You will need to watch a YouTube video to fix it days after the rain, so it will be dry.

The list is long. The message is loud and clear by now. We can’t do without handymen.  Here are more things handymen can do.

  • They clean the clutter in the garage for us.
  • They mow the lawn for us. • The paint our houses pretty both inside and out.
  • Clean the pool and get it ready for the summers
  • Fix and install our air conditioners
  • Clean our carpets and rugs

There are too many to list.  Handymen are very much needed.


handymen image used with permission