Flowers Can Help Control Pests

Before you spray or call a pest control company for your garden, research the plants that could manage them in your yard.

Pest control can be a daunting and expensive task and at times the chemicals used can affect the environment. Today there are different methods that can be used to eliminate them and some of them are natural. For instance, depending on the nature of infestation, exterminators might advise you to use predators to avert the problem. Also, there is the other method of planting flowers and other plants that will help curb the problem.

yellow Mexican marigold flowers
The fragrance of the Mexican Marigold is known to keep mosquitoes away.

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How to Make the Most of a Small Garden

You can still have a small garden in the city, even if you have minimal room. Ideas include planting in containers and layering them. Don’t forget to add a theme.

When you live in a city, you only have a limited amount of space available and often those who live there don’t have a garden at all. If you are lucky enough to have a little patch of green available to you then there are some great ways in which you can make optimal use of your little oasis in the desert.

vegetable growing on green container
You can have a small garden in a small space. A small container can contain many plants.


It is best to choose a running theme to tie it all together. Otherwise it might look dismembered and messy. A great way to create a sense of continuity, is by having a small path run all the way through it from end to end. This path should not run is a straight line, rather let it meander all the way to the other side. This will create more depth and ultimately makes it look bigger.


Creating layers is the best way of making optimal use of the space you have available. It will add depth while at the same time giving you the opportunity to fit in more things to make it homely. Ways this can be achieved is by making full use of the vertical space available. You can hang flowers from the walls with easy self-made constructions. If you’re renting a house it might be wise to opt for a temporary construction!

Create layers by using large flowers and plants at the back and using smaller ones closer to the path. This will give it a nice, harmonious look. You should stick to this rule because a small garden is very unforgiving. If something stands out then it will draw everyone’s eyes towards it, so be careful.


Add little highlights here and there such as a little bird house or a particularly colourful flower. Just because it is small doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have a bridge either. Just make sure that it suits the style.

Only having a small patch of doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Get creative and create your own little backyard paradise.

Renovate the Landscaping of your Business or Home

For landscaping renovation ideas for your business or home, have a clear mind of what you want, how to do it and make sure your landscaper has insurance.

If you are looking to restore, update, or renovate the landscaping design for your place of business or home, you will be happy to know that you have so many options to choose from. Since this require a fair amount of plants, trees, shrubs, materials, tools and labor to it, it would be of great importance if you would seek the expertise of a company to get the job done appropriately. Here are a few things to look at prior to signing a contract with any company.

concrete apartments sign in front of flowers
Do you have an idea for a landscape design? Make sure it is done correctly with the landscape company.

1. What kind of design and ideas are you considering?

The first and most important thing during landscaping is having a clear mind on what you want to accomplish with the project. You need to be sure whether you want to update the current design or planning new ideas altogether. With such ideas, things will be much easier since when you contact a company it will be easy to evaluate the total cost of the whole process.

2. How will the design be implemented and installed?

After you have selected the design, you need to have an idea on what it will take to install and finish the project completely. In addition contacting your contractor is important since you need to know what plan he has made and you can consolidate the ideas thus ensuring that you have a clear picture on how and when you expect to complete the work. It is important to have a clear picture on the amount of time it will take to finish the project.

3. Does the contractor have insurance cover to protect you?

It is very important that you ensure that the company has a valid and up to date insurance cover. Landscape design has many risks involved especially if dealing with a large project, tools, and materials. It is for this reasons that you have to ensure that the landscaper is insured for the safety of your property and the protection of the employees in that property. Failure to produce this document could be considered as an illegal practice and should be avoided and if need be reported to the local authorities.

Research is very important prior to hiring landscaping services. The research will help you to gain more information about the company their terms of work and other important details that would help in selecting a given company. Ensure that you plan a head for the cost, period, and materials. Research can be done either locally or online.

Buying Grass to Grow a Lawn

It pays to be critical when you buy grass to grow a lawn. Different kinds of grass grow to the type of lawn you want and the environment in which it lives.

You may need to buy grass to transform your lawn into a more beautiful one. In such cases, you need to learn how to choose the right kind for the lawn. Most people are usually random when making such decisions. However, the fact of the matter is that the kind you get for the lawn has many effects regarding issue such as the look that the lawn has, how easy it is to take care of as well as the chances of it lasting long without needing replanting. This means that for the best effect, you need to be very critical about the kind you get.

lawn growing unevenly
Depending on the type, grass can be soft or hard and grow differently.

Most people who want a nice lawn normally don’t want the grass to grow too high. There are some species that grow more horizontally than they do vertically, and these would be the best for you to get.

Some of the things you can use to determine what kind of grass to grow include:

How Hardy You Need the Grass to Be

If you live in an environment that has a more or less harsh environment, it would be a good idea for you to get one that has the capability of living in such an environment. The fact that this kind will need less attention means that it will keep looking green even if you only water it occasionally during the dry months. If you decide to get one that is more fastidious in such cases, you will need to make sure that you always provide it with what it needs to grow. These include investing in lawn watering systems for irrigation as well as some way to fertilize the soil in case it’s too barren.

How Soft You Need it to Be

There are times when the texture may also be important. For instance, if you want to have a lawn where you can sit on it and have fun with your family, you would be better off getting one that is soft since this is more comfortable.

How High You Want it to Grow?

Most people who want a nice lawn normally don’t want the grass to grow too high. There are some species that grow more horizontally than they do vertically, and these would be the best for you to get. This way, even if you neglect mowing the lawn for some time, it won’t overgrow too much. It also reduces the amount of work you need to do in order to mow the lawn, since you will only need to do it occasionally.

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Sod Farms Grow the Sod You Buy To Start A Lawn

Sod gardeners are in business of saving homeowners time in preparing the soil, seeding and waiting for the seed to sprout. They also help in getting rid of bald spots on your lawn.

If you have ever seen rolls of sod on a bare patch of land where a lawn should be, you have see the product of a sod farm. When someone wants to start a lawn but does not have the time to prepare and seed ground, he or she can order sod from a gardening center or sod farm, or turf farm. These farms have literal fields of grass that they cultivate and cut up for sale to people trying to create lawns. Whether it is for a home’s front yard or a golf course, already-grown sod can save a lot of time because it is already grown — there is no waiting for seeds to sprout.

sod farm inside a greenhouse
Sod farms are there to help homeowners save time, so they don’t have to start from scratch.

Using pre-grown sod is advantageous for homeowners because they do not have to worry about proper conditions for starting a lawn from scratch. All the homeowner has to do is some minor site preparation, which the company will give them instructions in, and then they roll the sod out over the ground. There is some care that they need to give it, especially at first, but it is much easier to deal with sod than with grass seed. If the homeowner finds the right sod farm, the people who deliver the sod can also install it.

When buying sod from sod farms, homeowners interested in having the farm employees install the sod will still need to ask about how to prepare the ground because they have to get rid of any existing grass or weeds, not to mention weed seeds. Sod farms will give homeowners instructions for any preparation that they need to do before the farm installs the sod. After the installation, the homeowner will need to follow a specific care schedule while the sod is becoming established. However, that stage will take only a short time, maybe less than a month in some cases, after which the care of the sod becomes much easier.

When planning a yard or any other place where you will be laying down sod, be sure you plan to use locally grown sod. Sod farms grow varieties of grass that can survive in any given the weather the area has in a particular area. Sod grown in another part of the country might not be able to withstand the fog and rain that characterize the region. Plus, sod grown in another area might have nasty, invasive bugs hiding in it if the sod farm turns out not to be the best. That can wreak havoc on plant life. Using locally grown sod, from sod farms, is the best choice.

Using sod is also helpful if you live in an area where patches of your lawn may need to be replaced. If you find that areas are being overcome by environmental factors, from weeds to errant dogs, with sod, you can cut out the dying portion and insert a piece of replacement sod. You will have to let the replacement sod become established and connected to the ground beneath it, but eventually it will. If you re-seed the area instead, you will have bald patches in your lawn for weeks until that seed grows in. Using sod, especially locally grown sod, can make your lawn look healthy again in a very short time.

If you have questions about whether sod is a good choice given conditions in the yard at your home, contact a sod farm or a gardening center and let them know what conditions you are dealing with, from inconsiderate dog owners to weeds that constantly re-establish themselves. The farm or center will be able to help you figure out if starting over and using sod is the best thing fro you to do.