Flowers Can Help Control Pests

Before you spray or call a pest control company for your garden, research the plants that could manage them in your yard.

Pest control can be a daunting and expensive task and at times the chemicals used can affect the environment. Today there are different methods that can be used to eliminate them and some of them are natural. For instance, depending on the nature of infestation, exterminators might advise you to use predators to avert the problem. Also, there is the other method of planting flowers and other plants that will help curb the problem.

yellow Mexican marigold flowers
The fragrance of the Mexican Marigold is known to keep mosquitoes away.

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How to Make the Most of a Small Garden

You can still have a small garden in the city, even if you have minimal room. Ideas include planting in containers and layering them. Don’t forget to add a theme.

When you live in a city, you only have a limited amount of space available and often those who live there don’t have a garden at all. If you are lucky enough to have a little patch of green available to you then there are some great ways in which you can make optimal use of your little oasis in the desert.

vegetable growing on green container
You can have a small garden in a small space. A small container can contain many plants.

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Renovate the Landscaping of your Business or Home

For landscaping renovation ideas for your business or home, have a clear mind of what you want, how to do it and make sure your landscaper has insurance.

If you are looking to restore, update, or renovate the landscaping design for your place of business or home, you will be happy to know that you have so many options to choose from. Since this require a fair amount of plants, trees, shrubs, materials, tools and labor to it, it would be of great importance if you would seek the expertise of a company to get the job done appropriately. Here are a few things to look at prior to signing a contract with any company.

concrete apartments sign in front of flowers
Do you have an idea for a landscape design? Make sure it is done correctly with the landscape company.

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Buying Grass to Grow a Lawn

It pays to be critical when you buy grass to grow a lawn. Different kinds of grass grow to the type of lawn you want and the environment in which it lives.

You may need to buy grass to transform your lawn into a more beautiful one. In such cases, you need to learn how to choose the right kind for the lawn. Most people are usually random when making such decisions. However, the fact of the matter is that the kind you get for the lawn has many effects regarding issue such as the look that the lawn has, how easy it is to take care of as well as the chances of it lasting long without needing replanting. This means that for the best effect, you need to be very critical about the kind you get.

lawn growing unevenly
Depending on the type, grass can be soft or hard and grow differently.

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Landscaping and Gardening Category Post List

Flower, Vegetable, indoor, organic and other news and articles in landscaping and gardening.

Small business related articles on products and services in the business of Landscaping and Gardening.

Small tomato seedlings in individual pots
AFSB posts on Landscaping and Gardening.

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Sod Farms Grow the Sod You Buy To Start A Lawn

Sod gardeners are in business of saving homeowners time in preparing the soil, seeding and waiting for the seed to sprout. They also help in getting rid of bald spots on your lawn.

If you have ever seen rolls of sod on a bare patch of land where a lawn should be, you have see the product of a sod farm. When someone wants to start a lawn but does not have the time to prepare and seed ground, he or she can order sod from a gardening center or sod farm, or turf farm. These farms have literal fields of grass that they cultivate and cut up for sale to people trying to create lawns. Whether it is for a home’s front yard or a golf course, already-grown sod can save a lot of time because it is already grown — there is no waiting for seeds to sprout.

sod farm inside a greenhouse
Sod farms are there to help homeowners save time, so they don’t have to start from scratch.

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