Coats Have Been a Great Fashion Statement Throughout History

You can use a coat to make a fashion statement. Consider your reasons for your wearing a coat, your body size, how long you will wear the coat, and be considerate of your friends and family with allergies.

Wearing coats has been a great fashion statement throughout history. Over time, different kinds of styles and materials have been put together to come up with attire that sends a different message other than “I want to feel warm”. Today, fur coats are used to portray class, elegance and uniqueness. If you would like to continue wearing these coats, some of the following considerations would help you take the right steps.

mannequin with an antique coat
Throughout history, coats have been used to make a fashion statement.

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The Most Extraordinary Designer Watches

The most unique and unusual watch has got to be the Romain Jerome Titanic DNA collection, which contains coal and metal from the Titanic. Romain Jerome also has an Apollo 11 collection that contains bits of the space craft, moon dust and space suits.

There are different categories of the most extraordinary designer watches. The most expensive watch can be eye catching to those who know value. Yet, rare and controversial watches sometimes take center stage by its history and how they are made. Yet, watches need not be controversial or made of jewels to be of value. They can be made from historical artifacts.

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA watch
The Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Collection watches contain coal and metal from the ill-fated famous ship.

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How to Choose the Right Designer Watch

To choose a designer watch, first look at a list of brands you might want, then the features. Choose the watch that bests fit your personality.

Designer watches look great, add a hint of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, are durable and thankfully also affordable. The choice is so big however, that many of us struggle to make up our minds when it comes down to it. It’s not just the many different designs but also the many different features that can make a choice so difficult.

man looks and holds his watch
What brand would you like your designer watch to be?

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L.A. Entrepreneur Hopes to Make Body Armor a Hot Fashion Item (Los Angeles Times)

A new line of streetwear, body armor vest is making a fashion statement. Being bullet proof, the clothing hopes to tap into the civilian market.

The way Michael Jones tells it, the Los Angeles Police Department patrol cars rolled up on him and a few friends as they stood on a downtown street corner one morning, shooting promo videos for his new line of streetwear. This would have made him nervous in any case, he says. He’s 30 years old and African American, after all— attributes known to trigger racial profiling.  It was more than that, though. The date was July 8, the day after a sniper wearing body armor shot and killed five Dallas police officers and wounded seven others. And Jones’ fashion items, khaki and denim vests with optional hoodies, are bullet-resistant.

manequin in body armor
Body armor is not just a fashion statement. It is protection from bullets.

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Casio Watches: The Birth of a Legend

A Casio watch is more than a watch. It is a fashion statement. Look into the Casio watch brand for style that is blended with quality for men and women.

For decades now, watches have been more than just devices for telling time. Besides being an ultimate fashion statement, watches are nowadays an indicator of the wealth, education and sophistication of the wearer. You can always see timepieces gracing wrists of fashion-conscious men and women. Casio watches are an iconic brand which offers a wide range of wristwatches, designed to suit every sex, age and these are adequately graceful to be a part of any great occasion.

a black casio watch
It is always fashionable to wear a watch.

Casio was founded back in 1946 and in 1983, the legend ventured into the world of watch making. This was when they ushered in their revolutionary first digital model by the name ‘Casiotron’. This model was considered by many to be one of the classic trendsetters in the lucrative industry of timepieces. Casio became the first watch making company to introduce a wristwatch that was completely shock resistant by the name G-Shock DW 5000C. The popularity of Casio watches stems from the fact that this company provides products that are excellent and the latest in trend. Your search for an excellent timepiece ends when you come across any Casio model.

Casio makes timepieces of classic design which you can rest assured that will never go out of fashion. As a brand, Casio is known for manufacturing unique designs that are in pace with the ever-changing trends and are developed with a state-of-the-art technology. The meticulously drawn features present in these models of timepieces are comfortable and easy to use and besides this, Casio watchesare durable and effective to use. Watch lovers from every corner of the world have been looking for these features in their timepieces.

Their trendy designs are made in a way that they can suit each and every occasion and these timepieces are always in great demand. Once you decide to buy this brand, it will rest proudly on your wrist and you will continue to wow everyone around you. Everything with something to do with trends and fashion is known to change continually over time. The Casio timepieces have evolved amazingly and suit the needs of everyone. From the classic sports models to the elegantly crafted timepieces, Casio has truly succeeded in carving a niche for itself. You just need to choose the right Casio model that suits you needs and that is within your budget.

Casio watches are well known for blending style with quality. Their exclusive style, wide assortment of classic and diverse models and their excellent quality has made these timepieces one among the most sought-after brands in the world. Casio is a well renowned watchmaker and its high-tech timepieces are designed for both men and women. These timepieces are an ideal illustration of advanced technology and creativity in the watch making industry. Today, there are many top selling models designed by Casio that are largely affordable. These watches are loaded with many functional features and the company aims at delivering technology at its best on your wrist.

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Timeless Aspects of Fashion

Some aspects of fashion will always remain timeless, traversing many generations while maintaining their flair. For those with an eye for fashion, it is easy to realize that the world of trends is circular; what goes around truly comes right round again. People are able to adorn the very styles that their parents did without looking like a misfit! This year, there is a need to gather all the right information so as to select the best dresses. One of the key ways to turn this into a success is by understanding the individual’s physique.

Fashion often times are timeless
Fashion often times are timeless

The hippy

For ladies who tend to be fuller around the hips, length will be the main consideration. This is because the shorter the dress, the more inappropriate it will appear, as if it was designed for someone else. Seek to have the length nowhere less than an 2 inches above the knee. A simple A-line dress is a great consideration with more emphasis being placed on the top part of the dress preferably as a halter , an embroidered neckline.

The army

There are ladies with flabby or big arms who would not look ideal in a capped or sleeveless dress. This means that they need a design that will conceal their arms, such as a dress with bell arms extending 3/4 to even the arm length.


The waisty

Some women have a more fuller waist size, giving the appearance of an apple shape. In this case, it is probably a good idea to stay clear of the big belts that many ladies seem to be taking to. Instead, use a sash or chain that can be slung around the hips. Since the aim is to remove attention from the waist, go for a dress with a drop waist to redefine the waist line.

The busty

When it comes to the bust, women can choose to either accentuate it or conceal. In the event that they seek the former, there is the choice of a fabric that constricts the body will act to enhance the torso where as some fabric will make the wearer to appear slimmer. The best way to settle for an ideal dress in this case is to find an A-line dress that is about 2 inches above the knees to deflect attention from the upper body.

Nothing gives a clearer view of what is being discussed like an actual picture of the attire in question. Online stores provide this one advantage prior to making a purchase, allowing the wearer to compare the dress on many levels across different stores and at different price ranges all at once.


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