Profiling the Internet Predator

Among the SPAM and advertising you and your children encounter on the web, is the internet predator. It helps to read up on the subject to monitor and identify your child’s computer use.

What Does a Predator Look Like? Television tells us it’s the guy hiding in the shadows, ready to snatch up a child by themselves on the street. Circulating stories tell us that it’s the guy in the car that wants to give a child candy, or is asking for help to find a lost puppy. He is generally imagined as the man in the trench coat with a hat and a broad smile as malicious as it is big. A parent would see him and know him instantly. A child would think he’s just a stranger.

ICE agent with gloves and laptop
ICE monitors child predators.

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Tips For Managing Electronic Circuit Board Wiring

Electronic circuit boards run computers, buildings and production machines, just to name a few. Seek professional advice, when you can in its creation, repair and maintenance.

The vital things to consider in managing electronic circuit board wiring entail the proper use of production machines, selecting quality materials and conducting thorough testing procedures. Your production area should not destroy static electricity. You need to consider some factors before you can do this, first, by strategically implementing your immediate work area and checking for any defects that it might be having.

electronic circuit board with multiple connections
Do not treat a circuit board like any other wiring. There are important steps to follow.

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The Acer Iconia Tab A200 Tablet

Manufactured by Acer, this tablet is one of those rare tablets that are equipped with sleek design

The Acer Iconia Tab A200 is an affordable decent tablet in the never-ending battle of tablet brands. It is the newest tablet and indeed a promising device manufactured by this brand. This tablet is significantly cheaper than most of its rival brands. Despite of being offered at affordable price, the specifications and its features are certainly not cheap.

acer iconia tablet
This Acer tablet is significantly cheaper than most of its rival brands.

Brief Summary:

Acer brand tablets are tagged as affordable priced tablets, thus if you are finding for the most advanced and latest tablet PC, then you might like to consider what Acer Iconia Tab A200 is. This tablet is one of those rare tablets that are equipped with sleek design. This 10 inch touch screen tablet is futuristic, cool and sophisticated in terms of looks and features.

Key Features:

The best part about this Acer tablet is its budget friendly rates. This 10 inch touch screen tablet has got cleaner looking design and feels elegant. The tablet’s curvy edges, smooth angels and well-placed buttons build impression. Powered by Android’s latest ice-cream sandwich technology, it has got Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor with 1GB SDRAM.

The tablet has got amazing 16GB and 8GB internal storage capacity. There is bit disappointment, as this device doesn’t come equipped with rear facing camera facility. The device has got only one front 2 mega pixels camera for web chatting. Since it is has got Android OS, it is pre-installed with usual apps such as Calendar, Google, Gtalk, YouTube, Google Play, navigation, and much more. For the Internet connectivity, the device is built with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

This is amazing fast performance device which straightaway offers 8-9 hours of battery life. This an entry level tablet from Acer that comes with attractive price tag. People, who wanted to buy a tablet with latest features, but have to keep budget in mind then they will certainly find the price quite reasonable.

The tablet is widely available at any computer electronics stores.  It is available at online stores sometimes, accompanying with great deals and special offers.

Bottom Line:

The Acer Iconia Tab ACCU Dell 312-0342 A200 price is decent and performs excellent. The device like we discussed is coupled with latest Android Ice-cream Sandwich technology which makes a good choice for budget ACCU Dell RC126 conscious people. Its lower price factor is what it makes the most appealing tab for those who want to gift or Accu ASUS A42UL30 to buy for themselves.

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Ways Keep Your Customers’ Data Safe

It is imperative that you learn ways to keep your customer’s data safe when you are entrusted with your customer’s private information. It is true that a company’s greatest asset is its customers. Without a loyal consumer base, none of the hard work you or your employees put in can reach its full potential. Like any other business asset, customers need protection—particularly when it comes to their sensitive information.

hand on keyboard entering data
When a customer trusts his data to you, it is of most importance to keep it safe.

Consumers put their faith in your company every time they hand over an address, phone number, or credit card number. You have the responsibility to protect that information; in the digital age it can be a daunting task.

Here are five ways to ensure the consumer data you maintain is always secure:

  • Use a firewall. A firewall helps keep viruses, spyware, and other digital dangers from infiltrating your company systems. It is best to go with a firewall that is hardware-based as opposed to one that is part of an anti virus software program.
  • Install anti-malware software. Do not wait for your systems to start showing signs of a virus. Make sure each and every computer, smartphone, tablet, and other mobile device has anti-malware software installed. You also want to be sure that the software is set up to run regular scans and is updated on schedule.
  • Go with a private cloud option. Cloud computing has completely changed the way companies create and store information. It offers convenience and a backup plan but it is yet another area of potential company vulnerability. Seek out a company that offers private cloud computing services, as opposed to one that stores multiple clients’ information in the same spot. Isolating your information from that of other companies adds an extra layer of security.
  • Employ a data center. Instead of keeping your servers in your physical building, enlist the help of a private dedicated data center. These facilities have high levels of security in the form of video surveillance and around-the-clock staff. The buildings are also designed to be stronger than the average office to withstand natural disasters or fires. A data center should be part of any San Diego disaster recovery plan.
  • Create an employee information privacy policy. While it may not be as tech-savvy as other security measures, having employees sign a simple agreement to protect the information of consumers is something your company must do. Expressly outline what information is considered confidential and also explain what disciplinary action will be taken if the rules are broken. You may also want to include a policy on not taking sensitive information home, or accessing company information from public computers or free Wi-Fi locations.

Loss or theft of customer information is perhaps the most debilitating of all business disasters, but is also one of the easiest to prevent. By taking steps to protect the sensitive information of your customers, you are also protecting your own business. If you do not have an official data protection policy, now is the time to create one. Whether it includes VMware cloud services or an employee seminar on safeguarding information, take the steps necessary to protect your most valuable commodity: your customers.

Using the IPAD POS Systems for Your Business

Shorten the wait time of customers by implementing an IPAD IPOS system. This will make your business run more efficiently and accurately.

Businesses can run more efficiently using the IPAD POS systems. Customers are very easy to get tired of waiting. This is the reason why companies and business owners are doing their best to increase the efficiency of their workforce, especially those who are in the hospitality industry. To shorten the time spent for every sales transaction, restaurant owners provide EPOS till systems for their employees.

POS handheld and screen
EPOS system is software installed on your computer hardware, which can be customized to perform various functions, aside from recording payments and calculating change backs.

What Are EPOS Tills Systems?

In simple words, EPOS till systems is an advanced cash register. EPOS system is software installed on your computer hardware, which can be customized to perform various functions, aside from recording payments and calculating change backs. EPOS tills can provide you a more detailed report of your sales transactions, size of inventory, and other important data about your sales transactions.

The Evolution of EPOS Tills Systems

EPOS till systems has evolved. These systems can now be installed not only in computers but also in iPad and smart phones. With this technology, your workforce does not need to be stationary when handling sales transactions. As the mobility of your employees improves, they will be more efficient in providing services to your customers. Here are the benefits that you will get from IPAD POS tills.

Managerial Tasks Becomes Easier

In old-fashioned POS systems, your managers need to deal with heavy workloads. They need to allot proper working hours for employees, track their time cards, compile them in proper storage places, supervise inventory checks, and many more. Sometimes these tasks overwhelm your supervisors, which affect their thinking ability and decision-making.

IPAD POS systems can make things more convenient for your managers. Since this system can set basic managerial tasks into automation. Furthermore, since your supervisors can bring their IPADs with them, they can receive reports from employees regardless of where they are. Instead of consuming most of their time doing basic managerial tasks, EPOS tills allow your executives to use their valuable time in formulating plans that will help your business thrive.

User Friendly Interface

In traditional EPOS tills, the visual interface is very confusing and you need to conduct training sessions for your employees in order to master it. On the other hand, the user interface of IPAD POS is user friendly and self-explanatory. The interface, provide clues and tips that will help employees know what to do when handling sales transactions. Using IPAD POS instead of traditional EPOS systems will enable you to reduce training time for your staff members.

Enhance Customer’s Experience

Aside from helping employees to handle sales transaction efficiently, IPAD POS systems also improve customer experience. It can provide excellent digital solutions to customers, allowing them to make orders in real time, as well as secure their payment when purchasing items. IPAD POS tills also provide a virtual shopping cart for customers, allowing them to place their orders and make payments one time.

IPAD POS tills also provide your guests a visual and detailed description of the products and services that your business is offering. This is the reason why an IPAD POS system can be a valuable investment for you. IPAD POS also have a touch screen interface, allowing them to utilize it with ease.

Why IPAD POS Is Appropriate for Hospitality Industry

IPAD POS are popular in restaurants and other business establishments related to the hospitality industry. The main reason is that the quality of customer service is very important in this field. Staff members should be efficient in doing their tasks, to ensure that they will be able to attend to the needs of customers.

For example, restaurants need to spend time preparing and cooking food. This means that the customers need to spend some time waiting before the food is served to them. Of course, this is understandable. However, if hungry customers need to spend more time making orders because of your poor POS system, they will be irritated and will swear never to return because of your poor service.

iPad POS systems will enable your staff to process the orders of their customers even when they are still talking with the customers. In this way, the food will be prepared as soon as the customer have told your staff about their orders, reducing the time they need to spend for waiting. With a fast and efficient service, your customers will be satisfied and decide to return to your restaurant in case they need to grab a bite to eat. Your customers will likely to give you a good report on Yelp and more likely to get positive reviews in business in business related articles.

Regardless of the type of business you have, EPOS system can be beneficial to you. It will allow your employees to handle your sales transaction in a fast and efficient way, allowing them to attend to all the needs of your customers.



IPAD POS system image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons