Finding Keywords for your Site Using Google

You can use Google to finding keywords for SEO for your website rather easily. The long ones are on the bottom of the page of any Google search.

Google’s computers are programmed to look for keywords. They dominate the market in computer search engines.  Therefore, to get web visitors, research using Google is essential. Finding these keywords is not difficult. Just ask yourself, “What words would I use on Google to find my site?”

mouse with long tail drawing
Long tailed keywords have  two or more words.

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Get Free Small Business Advertising by Guest Posting

Once you created a website, you need visitors. One way of getting visitors is guest posting with AFSB.

Many use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and so forth for free small business advertising. The results are better if you pay for these posts, but you don’t have to pay to advertise. One problem there is, not many of these posts end up in search engines. The reason for this is, you need a password to enter. Search engines, for the most part, cannot get past that.

AFSB logo
Guest Posting is available on AFSB

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Consider Outsourcing Your IT Requirements

To get the maximum benefit and value to your website, consider outsourcing your IT needs. It will avoid down time, poor maintenance, server problems, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

If you have a business website and you want to be successful, it is a good idea to consider outsourcing your IT requirements to a professional company. Computers are essential in every business nowadays and company owners know this very well. Actually, computers are making people’s lives easier and faster as well.

woman on laptop with images from internet
Outsourcing your IT needs frees up your employees for other important business matters.

You can get a lot of benefits if you request outsourced IT services for your business. Below you will find more details about this. It is great to know what you can take advantage of in order to become successful with your business.

Save a lot of time on a regular basis

By outsourcing your IT needs, you will not have to worry about all that complicated stuff that is related to computers. For example, your website will be permanently online, maintenance and protection is ensured and also you will get the latest in technology as well. You can get all those features without having to do anything else. This will give you a lot of time to spend on your marketing strategies, evaluating your employees and all other activities that businessmen do.

Website up and running

In most cases, business websites are down because of poor system maintenance, server problems and so on. Professional companies that are offering IT service will make sure that your website will stay up and running permanently. What is your benefit from this? Well, you will be able to receive a lot of orders on a regular basis, you don’t miss any clients because your website was down and also your customers will get to know your products anytime and from anywhere.

What about protection?

The internet offers a lot of good things but there are some bad things involved as well. For example, your website might be hacked and all your precious information might be stolen and/or erased. This is a disaster for you and your company. If you let the professionals take care of your website protection, you will be able to avoid all those risks. The specialists will work hard to implement new safety features and protect your data, website and all other services from hackers and viruses.

As a conclusion, you can take care of your website on your own but you will get much more benefits and advantages if you let the professionals in IT do it for you. For an affordable price, you can have your IT needs satisfied completely and you can focus on expanding your business and improving your image.

Affiliate Marketing for Your Website

To a business related website, value means maximum earnings at the lowest cost. A website, as long as you have one, might as well make you money, whatever it’s primary purpose might be.

To a business, a website value means maximum earnings at the lowest cost. There are numerous reasons why you have a website, but As long as you have one, you might as well make money from it. From simple to elaborate sites websites are inexpensive, especially WordPress websites.

marketing outdoors in canopies
Affiliate marketing is where websites conduct business.

When you have a website, you can put affiliate marketing ads in them, whether or not you have an existing business. Find a merchant who has an affiliate marketing program. If someone clicks or buys from the ad, you get a percentage.

In turn, merchants can benefit in sales by using affiliates. Offering more commission attracts affiliates, and of course, more sales. Affiliates must balance their sales with commission paid to affiliates.

Google Adsense is the most popular affiliate marketing firm on the web today. Signing up one time and getting approved gives you access to all of the merchants in Google’s network. It is more of a hassle to sign up, because it has to live to at least some of Google Search’s standards. To get approved, simply read and follow their requirements.  Many wonder why they don’t rank with Google Search. Adsense can give you a clue. But, don’t sign up with Adsense to get higher on search results. Contrary to what many think, Google Search will not give you preference on their search results just because you have Adsense.

Google is genius on the ads that appear on websites. It isn’t the technology of creating these ads. (Google Adsense ads change automatically to ads relevant to the post. That is the goal, but it misses at times.) It is businesses agreeing to pay Google on paying per click rather than sales. Every time Google ads are clicked, the business in the ad must pay Google and the website gets a commission, whether or not there is a sale. A business can go broke paying Google for ads without ever selling anything. The ad above this paragraph is an example of a Google Adsense ad.

A good place to start with affiliate marketing are companies like Shareasale, Affiliate Conversant, and Peerfly.  You still have to follow their rules, but they are easier to sign up for.  They have programs for affiliates as well as merchants. With these merchants, you need to cut and paste their individual HTML codes to put into your website, unlike Google whose merchant  ads will change automatically.

Guest Posts at Articles for Small Business

Search engines work for the searcher and proclaim, “the searcher is king.” Therefore, you should write a unique article, one that is not already published, for the searcher.

The goal of  a guest post is to have a searchable article that links to your website. Done properly, adds to your website’s popularity and therefore, value.  There are activities related to business in just about any organization in which to write about. Find a problem your customers might be having and write about how your business solves them.

The cost is free. The article should be at least 250 words. Most articles will be published as is. Some will go through editing, or suggestions for such, with the author’s permission. In many cases, Articles for Small Business will do the revision. The goal of editing is to minimize potential search engine penalties. There is no sense in having your article published on the web if the article has is detrimental to your site.

Articles for Small Business was made with guest posts. If one has a unique and useful ideas that he wants to share through the internet, it should be published. It should have adequate traffic. Yet it is not that easy with the world wide web. When it is determined that the search engines like something, many do it again and again making it difficult for the search engines to rank posts based on merit.

Linking is important, but many efforts to link to get better search engine ranking can now, many times,  have the opposite effect. Keywords get the search engines’ attention, but it can be a penalty if it used indiscriminately. Do that in several posts throughout the web, especially if they are exact words in the same order, and you have now become a spammer.

One unique article will do better than many repetitive words and links. All will be done to check and recheck articles to be acceptable to the web before it is published. While the search engines do not penalize for duplicate content, this site does. The search engines will only publish one of the articles that is duplicated. Why would anyone publish an article to the web more than once? Duplicate articles will compete with the original for search engine rank.

The articles will will be checked  for duplicate content, grammar and SEO, as defined in SEO articles throughout the web, and  Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.  While many After being published, articles will be promoted randomly on the social media and YouTube.

More guest post criteria can be written, but there  are too many. Sometimes rules are written and some take it so they can get right above it and still cause havoc. If you have an article with useful ideas and it relates to small business, then you should be fine.

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