The Benefits of an Unmetered Dedicated Server

When you exceed your website traffic goals, consider a dedicated server through your hosting to accommodate the load.

A dedicated server provides a level of customization and long-term planning that shared ones simply cannot compete with. Instead of shared hosting, which offers its clients a single partition on a server full of other clients and other websites, dedicated hosting provides an entire server at your disposal. This means that you can not only have options over the specific processor, memory, and drive space, but also the software on which your server runs.

network server rack
An unmetered server will provide you the resources to expand your website.

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How to Build A Successful Website For Your Small Business

You can create and develop an inexpensive, and fully functional, elegant website for your small business, even if you have no coding skills.

You may be feeling stressed. After all, you have never coded in your life. How on earth can you be expected to develop a fully functional, elegant website for your small business? You can barely come up with a design that makes sense.

website letters being pieced together by cranes
Building a website is much easier and faster as one could imagine.

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How to Protect Your Business from Physical and Cyber Threats

Ensure your company is aware of the many types of cyber threats. Make your employees aware of the many examples of what could happen and have data security and techniques be of top importance.

As a business owner, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the security threats you could be up against on a daily basis. The challenges that you will face are becoming much more varied and complex. We are living in a world where the risk of physical attacks, robberies, and vandalism are no longer the most problematic threats. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly more prevalent and can be extremely detrimental  without the right kind of preparation and protection.

eyes on a computer monitor
Cyber hackers are always looking for access into the security of your business.

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Do You Have a WordPress Website?

You don’t need to learn HTML to run a website. will provide you the software, give you a choice from thousands of themes and provide plugins for enhancement, all for free.

Do you have a  website? Sixty million people do.  The main reasons for that is you don’t need to learn HTML to run and the software is free. will provide you the website software, give you a choice from thousands of themes (how your website will look), and make available thousands of plugins (Plugins increase the functionality of your website).  All for free.

woman in front of a computer monitor
Do you have a website?

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Things to Know Before Selling Your Gold

To sell your gold for the best price, shop around. Visit a few reputable jewelry buyers. Beware of rogue buyers and examine the fine print of the contract.

Today, selling gold has become so much easier but riskier as well. The prices have hit a record $1, 770*per ounce. As uncertainty and fear continues to face the financial market all over the globe, dealers are more than ready to pay top dollar for all they can lay their hands on. There are now more choices and options of selling than ever before. Whether you sell your precious metal online, at a local jewel store or via a pawnshop, it is vital to be careful to get its full value.

stack of gold coins
When you sell your gold, make sure you get the best price and be careful of rogue buyers.

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Affordable and Quality Web Hosting

If you have a small business or are thinking of having one, or just want a website, here is a list of the most affordable domain registration and web hosting in the industry.

Below are the top places to get web hosting and domain names which are necessary for building website(s).

front page of AFSB website
To create a website, you need a domain name and hosting.

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The Cheapest Website for Small Business is WordPress

Wordpress, the best and most popular small business website builder software is free and open source. Finding a cheap domain name and hosting is the key.

If you own a small business, or are thinking of starting one, the most popular and cheapest website you can buy is WordPress. A good reason for that is its software is absolutely free. You can use, copy, study, and change it in any way, and it will not cost you a dime. You can download it from or your hosting company easily and instantly online.

AFSB WordPress for Business Website
Through your host, you can login and make updates from on your WordPress Business Website from any computer.

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