Things to Know Before Selling Your Gold

To sell your gold for the best price, shop around. Visit a few reputable jewelry buyers. Beware of rogue buyers and examine the fine print of the contract.

Today, selling gold has become so much easier but riskier as well. The prices have hit a record $1, 770*per ounce. As uncertainty and fear continues to face the financial market all over the globe, dealers are more than ready to pay top dollar for all they can lay their hands on. There are now more choices and options of selling than ever before. Whether you sell your precious metal online, at a local jewel store or via a pawnshop, it is vital to be careful to get its full value.

stack of gold coins
When you sell your gold, make sure you get the best price and be careful of rogue buyers.

Here are three things you need to know before selling:

1. Shopping around

The first rule of buying and selling is to shop around. Regardless of where you will end up selling, it is best to start locally. Visit a reputable jeweler in your local area and ask him or her to estimate its value. That way, you will have an idea of how much your gold is worth when soliciting online bids as well as other offers. This will help you to know and tale a good deal when you see it. You can visit three or four local jewelers before you start making your bid.

2. Be aware of rogue buyers

Experts warn amateur gold sellers to beware of passing buyers. Such buyers are rogue buyers who make come to your town, set up a shop, run ads and promise to give you high prices. However, once they have collected all the gold from the consumers, they pack their bags and leave town, leaving the sellers unpaid or underpaid. It is best to sell at trusted online stores where you are sure they are not going anywhere and will give you value for your metal.

3. Examine the fine print

Before you make any deal with gold buyers, it is important to examine their terms and conditions. These are often disclosed in small writing on the bottom of the document or website to discourage you from reading. It is also vital to check the policies of the buyer and see if they are favorable. You can make costly mistakes if you ignore the fine print. For instance, some sites may offer free shipping when sending in your gold but charge very high rates if you ask them to return them.

  • August 2018 price, $1,200

Get Free Small Business Advertising by Guest Posting

Once you created a website, you need visitors. One way of getting visitors is guest posting with AFSB.

Many use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and so forth for free small business advertising. The results are better if you pay for these posts, but you don’t have to pay to advertise. One problem there is, not many of these posts end up in search engines. The reason for this is, you need a password to enter. Search engines, for the most part, cannot get past that.

AFSB logo
Guest Posting is available on AFSB

There is another way: guest posting. Guest posting is what advertisers use to post an informative article about their product or service.  The article links to their site. Search engines are then made aware of their site and get points because search engines navigate through links.

Articles for Small Business is a free guest posting service for small business.  Your guest post is welcome, as long as you have a small business. If your business has a website, you may to link to it. If you have a business without a website, post your location and phone number. At this writing there are about 50 categories. Animals, medical, dental, legal, real estate travel categories are examples. And yes, these posts end up in search engines.

Guest posting guidelines would be to follow Google’s best practices. A suggestion for a good guest posting strategy is to focus on a problem your customers might have. Your business then, solves that problem.  Don’t  forget to use keywords.

Marketing Category Post List

AFSB posts on news and articles in the Marketing Category.

Small business related articles on products and services on marketing strategies.

kiosks used for selling tickets
Machines selling tickets at Sea World San Diego.


Setting up a Booth for a Trade Show

Trade show exhibition booth tips and tricks include choosing the best booth, graphic elements, the right materials, promotional products and a trained staff.

A trade show is a very effective marketing technique that can have a high impact on any business. When you are planning the event, you have to put in a lot of work to ensure that it is successful. A lot of planning is required in order to engage potential customers, which leads to generating sales. There are several factors to consider when planning the event.

A lot of planning and work is needed to exhibit your products for a success at a trade show.
A lot of planning and work is needed to exhibit your products for a success at a trade show.

1. Choosing the best booth – You need to make sure that you choose the booth that will meet your budgetary and marketing needs. For this, you will need to evaluate the different sizes and styles available. Several trade show booth rentals can meet any requirements. Make sure that you deal with a reputable supplier who will provide high quality booths.

2. Graphic elements – You should identify graphic elements that will make your booth have a professional design and portray the message you want. This will help to ensure effective communication that will get the required attention. Having the right design parameters is essential and if you are unsure about the most effective methods, hire a professional designer.

3. Right materials – Choosing the right materials will help to create attention and drive people to your stand. Do something different from the rest by using accessories like lighting, visual and audio effects, and using unique furniture and flooring in your booth. People are attracted to things that are new or innovative and this can have a positive impact on your brand.

4. Promotional products – Most visitors to any exhibition will always remember the stands where they got the best give-a-ways. Choose promotional materials that have significance to your target customers. If you have high-value products, you will not only attract more visitors, you will also enhance your company image. Give high quality items that the visitors will have, long after the show is over.

5. Trained staff – Select staff or team members who are well trained and are able to communicate effectively with the visitors. The people you choose can have a huge impact on the success of your stand. You need personnel who are well versed with your brand, who can answer any questions the visitors may have. Make sure that the team members project a good image of your company through their appearance and the way they interact with the visitors.

You need to establish your goals or objectives for putting on the show so that you can have a way to measure the success. You need to have a way to follow up on the success of the show and the best way to do this is by getting as many contacts as possible.


“MIHAS booths” by thaumos – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –                 

Hints on How to Market a Business

Successful business marketing techniques include a web presence, taking advantage of social media, affiliate marketing programs and talking to everyone.

Starting your own full time  business is an exciting time. You are beginning something you are likely passionate about and want to be successful in your endeavors. In order for others to catch the same excitement, they have to know you and your business exist. The single most important factor that will contribute to the success or demise of your new business is your level of marketing. The following tips will help push you in the right strategies.

The success and failure of your business depends on marketing.
The success and failure of your business depends on marketing.

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What to Look for in Marketing Companies

A good marketing company for you has good management profile, their services match your goals, has a great portfolio and their cost fits your budget.

You should take a long, hard look at a number of factors when you are shopping marketing companies. While many business owners and companies are eager to simply hire on the company that offers them the lowest price for their services, you should always remember that where marketing is concerned, you might get just what you pay for and nothing more if you are not careful. Instead of looking for the cheapest, look for the best.

silhouettes of many people in marketing
The success and failure of your business depends on marketing.

How to Find a Great Marketing Company

Marketing companies can specialize in internet affiliate programs, direct mail, telemarketing, or they can handle all of your marketing needs. Look at their management team and the experience and education of each of those members of the management team. Second, determine whether the company can fulfill all of your marketing needs with the services that they offer. Third, never underestimate a marketing company’s portfolio, and fourth, consider cost to make sure that you get the best value for your marketing.

The Marketing Company’s Management Team Profile

The first thing you should look for when shopping for marketing companies is the company’s management team and the individual experience and education profiles of those on the team. Remember that any team is only as strong as its weakest player is. This means that perhaps the more impressive each individual’s resume, the more impressive the skills of the marketing company as a whole may be. Although this may not always be true, looking at the individual experience and education of each individual on the management team may be very helpful when you are narrowing your list of potential candidates.

Do the Provided Services Match Your Goals?

When you are looking at a marketing company, make sure to analyze the marketing tools and services that the company provides. You can look at these and determine whether the services provided by the company will help you meet the goals that you have for your business. Not every company will offer all the same services, so talking to each potential marketing company about the services that they offer and how these will fit into your business marketing strategy.

Never Underestimate a Good Portfolio

Perhaps even more important than ensuring that each person on the company’s management team is an Ivy League graduate is working with a marketing company that has a fantastic portfolio. When you are fielding potential candidates for a marketing company for your business, make sure that you look at each candidate’s portfolio prior to making a decision.

Always Consider Cost

Finally, cost is a major consideration. When you are looking for a management company to enhance your marketing strategy and to help your company reach all of its goals in terms of growth and increased revenue, hiring a company based solely on cost is not a smart move. Like with many other things, you may get just what you pay for if you go for the lowest cost marketing company. Realize that to get the greatest value, you may need to pay a little bit more than the absolute lowest offer.

marketing company image by Pixabay

Creating a Successful Social Media Giveaway Contest

To get new and repeat customers, giving away free samples of your merchandise in social media is a powerful and hard to resist marketing strategy.

Giveaway marketing in social media involves distribution of free samples or services with the aim of promoting your business. It is a powerful strategy that pays back in a torrent of new and repeat customers. It works on a very simple principle. Psychologically, people cannot resist the lure of receiving something for free. It is a powerful drive and the king of the words in marketing strategy even today, no matter how worn out it may sound. The effect it has on people is more than hypnotic.

Social Media is a great place for conversation about your product.
Social Media is a great place for conversation about your product.

How it Works

Giveaway marketing works in two ways. One, prospects who get the chance to test your merchandise or service for free have a chance to compare it to the competition, and eventually continue purchasing it. Two, the prospects feel the psychological obligation to return the favor, by continuing to use your products or services.

The Role of Social Media

The expansion of social networks made possible for businesses to operate their own contents, marketing through affiliates and giveaways which in return can provide a great link building base for SEO, create social engagement and increase traffic. Social network giveaways increases brand awareness, providing constant sharing on social hubs like Facebook and Twitter.

Determining the Scope

The first thing before establishing a giveaways contest is to determine the goal of the giveaway. Whether it’s aimed to increase social engagement to your business’s Facebook or Twitter page, or its purpose is link building machine, the goal should determine the type of contest and entries that will be used. Simultaneously, this is the point where the budget of the contest is determined.

Fly the Rafflecopter!

One of the best ways to launch a giveaway contest for your business is Rafflecopter. It’s compatible with Facebook and it’s free. It creates widgets that you can easily embed into your site or blog. It is comprehensive, so that using one giveaway you can achieve different objectives, as it gives the ability to create multiple entries. If you add the Rafflecopter widget to a permanent page on your site, the links and publicity generated to that page will remain once the contest is over and the widget removed. It also allows easy sharing on Facebook, as it automatically creates a Facebook app with a widget.

Importance of Emails

Don’t forget your email subscribers. It’s a good gateway for expanding the fan base. On the other hand, it gives the customers ability to keep up with your brand. Reaching out to your current customers and subscribers gives you an opportunity to “seed” the giveaway with existing fans.  Additionally, this gives your customers an opportunity to engage with your brand.

Decide What to Give Away

It usually boils down to these three rules: the items have to be cost effective, they must be intriguing and the most importantly, they must be branded. People carrying them around are instantly turned into walking ads in an obvious but non-aggressive way. Stress balls are an ideal giveaway item. They are useful, inexpensive and everybody likes them. In addition, they are effective for any trade or industry and come in all shapes or sizes.

How it is Done Right

Among the franchises who have taken the giveaway approach seriously are Corona and Tony Hawk. Corona’s “Most Liked” campaign was based on liking their Corona Light Facebook page. The luckywinner had the opportunity to have their picture displayed on a billboard in Times Square. Tony Hawk’s contest, on the other hand consisted of a series of stashes containing the giveaway items, and their location pictures posted on Twitter. The point was when one of their 2 million+ followers finds it, to tweet a picture of themselves with their giveaway loot, further boosting the marketing engine.

image by Khalid Albaih on Flickr