Ways to Prevent Car Theft

There are many ways to prevent car theft: install a gps tracking system or an alarm system, hide or do not leave valuables in your car, tint your windows..

In cities, owning a car may be easy but keeping it safe is a huge task. Theft cases involving cars have been out of control. Taxis are one of the most victimized sectors when it comes to car theft. If a taxi is not reported missing, it is possible to see cases regarding loss of wheels, side mirrors, or head lamps.

man driving a convertible mustang
If you love your car, you should be concerned with car theft prevention.

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Driving A Restored German Car

You can successfully restore your vintage German car. Many quality new and used car parts are available from dealers and manufacturers on the internet.

Although there are some people that are of opinion that only American made cars can be successfully restored, this is far from the truth as there are many European made vehicles that are also quite restorable. Some times, the quality of these European made cars is much better than those you get in America and not forgetting that their parts are more readily available due to their proliferation in to the market at one time.

man in driveway with Mercedes 300TD Wagon
Owning a Mercedes Turbo Diesel is unique. They no longer make them.

Regardless of your choice of a European vehicle, German auto parts for restoration are readily available in both worlds and in most cases they are quite inexpensive. There are many sites to obtain these parts from over the internet.

Owning a 1980 Mercedes or BMW convertible was a few years back thought of being insane as they are no longer in production anywhere around the world.

Searching Over the Internet for Needed European Car Auto Parts

It quite easy to get the required auto part if you own or have access to a computer that is internet enabled and is internet-savvy. To start your search, type in particulars that are relative to the car that you need parts for. In seconds, a host of websites will come up wit all sorts of information that will suit your immediate requirements.

Owning a 1980 Mercedes or BMW convertible was a few years back thought of being insane as they are no longer in production anywhere around the world. Fortunately, some smart auto part entrepreneurs decided to open shop online and offline sourcing or buying the required parts all over the world. The stores stock new and old auto parts for old out of production European cars selling them at prices that are well affordable as to complete a full car restoration project. Best of all, these old vehicle auto parts are readily available over the internet through their websites.

Ordering the Needed Auto Parts

Upon deciding that you want to restore back your old European car to its former self or even better self, then you may want to decide from which source to order the required parts from. This is a matter of deciding on how much you want to spend as most online and offline auto part stores that deal in European vehicle parts offer enough components to satisfy the shallowest or deepest of the pockets.

In conclusion, restoring an old vehicle, may it be German or American made is typically an expensive and daunting task to all. However, what price could ever be put on memories that are rejuvenated by having or driving a car that was once the talk of town or that everyone dreamt of owning?

Three Steps Used By Auto Body Repair Shops

Car auto repair shops use a step method in repairing vehicles. First, the cost estimate. Then, locating and buying the body parts. Finally, the body repair.

Auto body repair is a service designed to fix problems that occur to the bodies of vehicles. Damage can occur to a car because of an accident with another car or for other reasons. If the damage is not too severe, it can be fixed by a collision center. These centers are a type of auto repair shop, but they specialize only in fixing damage to the bodies of cars and trucks.

car with severe front end damage
Some cars are so damaged that the estimate exceeds the car value.

The damages might be scratches or small dents and dings. These could be caused from hail or from a collision. In some cases, the damages are very severe. When a person brings a car to an auto body repair shop, the shop will use a series of procedures to get the problems fixed.

Step One: The first step is an estimate. To estimate the costs to repair damages on a car, a person must know how to do this. This is something that takes time to learn, and it is often conducted by a collision repair technician. The estimate will list all of the types of damage to the car and the method that will be used to fix it.

It will include everything from fixing small scratches to repainting the car after replacing large parts. It will include the costs of the parts and the labor. This quote is given to the customer and it may also be given to the appropriate insurance company. During this initial step, the auto body repair shop will handle the negotiations with the insurance company. They will try to work everything out so that they can begin the repairs on the car. As soon as they receive approval from the customer and the insurance company, the work will begin.

Step Two: Locating parts is the next step, if parts are needed. Finding the right auto parts takes time, but this step can often be eliminated if the parts do not need to be replaced. Minor dents, dings and scratches may not require changing the parts. They may be as simple as sanding them down and applying filler into them. They may also be able to be pushed out. It will all depend on the dent, the size and the location.

All of these things are figured into the quote, so the shop will already know how they will be repairing these parts. To find the parts needed for the repairs, the shop will look at junk yards first. This is often the first step if the parts needed are very large and expensive. If they cannot locate used parts, they will have to order new parts from a parts distributor.

Step Three: The final step is when the actual work is conducted. An auto body repair shop will begin the work by replacing any parts with new ones. They will then work on filling in minor dents and scrapes or by pushing them out. They will often use a body filler during this process. This is a type of material that is ideal for this purpose. Body filler works great for all types of major dents or scratches.

After this is done, it will need to be sanded and then primed. Repainting the car is generally the final step in the process. They may have to paint the entire car or just parts of it. Auto body shops are great at matching paint colors and finishing cars with paint. When the customer receives the car back, it should look as good as new and the customer should not be able to tell that work was done on it.

Pursuing a Career in Collision Repair

A career in the collision business as a repair specialist require a repair school, some which can be taken online. The vocation is in high demand with a competitive salary.

If you enjoy working with cars, have a talent for mechanics, and enjoy hands-on work, you might want to consider pursuing a career in collision repair. With automobile accidents occurring every day, it is a field that will always be in demand. If you are looking for a career that offers stability, a reasonable salary, consistency, and an ability to create, automobile repair is an ideal avenue for you.

car with wrecked front end
If you like working with cars, have an aptitude for fixing, you might look into collision repair.

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What You Should Know About Transmission Maintenance

Your car or truck should have a routine maintenance schedule of its automatic or manual transmission. For proper maintenance and tips, use a specialist specifically in business for car transmissions.

If you drive a car or truck, you should know about transmission maintenance schedule.  As with other maintenance with your car, ignore it and fixing it will cost you more. When was the last time you checked your transmission fluid? Do you even know what to look for when you check your transmission fluid? When was the last time you changed your transmission fluid? How often should you change your transmission fluid? If the answer to these questions is something along the lines of, “I don’t know what you are talking about,” then chances are that you have a thing or two to learn about transmission maintenance.

car engine under the hood
For better service, sometimes it is better to take your transmission repair and maintenance to a specialist.

Like other moving parts in your engine, your transmission is protected by a fluid. Transmission fluid is not the same as engine oil, so you can’t use the two interchangeably. Nonetheless, your transmission fluid is similar to engine oil in that it will not last forever. Engine oil will last somewhere from three thousand to five thousand miles before it needs changed.

Transmission fluid, on the other hand, will last fifteen thousand miles or more before it needs changed. Because transmission fluid can be contaminated just like engine oil, it is important to change the fluid before contaminants in the fluid begin to wear on the moving parts of the transmission. Unlike engine oil, changing transmission fluid is not usually a simple operation. Depending on the transmission you have on your car, it is sometimes best to take your transmission to someone who does transmission maintenance.

Automatic and manual transmissions require different steps to maintenance. Most cars with an automatic transmission will have a dipstick similar to an oil dipstick. When you check your engine oil, you want to make sure that the engine is cold before you check your oil. This is not the case with an automatic transmission. You will want your engine running when you check transmission fluid, and you will want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in regards to how hot the engine should be before you check the fluid and what gear the car should be in to get a proper reading. A manual transmission will have a fill plug. To check the level of the transmission fluid, you simply remove this plug and check to make sure that the fluid is just below the level of the plug.

Some transmissions cannot be checked without special training and tools. If this is the case, you will have to take your car to someone who specializes in transmission maintenance, so they can give you maintenance tips and check the your transmission fluid for you. Checking the level of transmission fluid is only the first step to checking transmission fluid. You will also want to smell your transmission fluid. If it smells burnt, then your transmission has a problem with overheating, and you will want to have it checked out to see what the problem is.

Also, if your transmission fluid smells like gas, oil, or some other engine fluid, then your car has a leak somewhere, and you will want to get it checked out. Finally, you will want to compare the color of your transmission fluid to clean transmission fluid. If the colors are vastly different in color, and you will want to change out your transmission fluid and filter.

When it comes to changing transmission fluid, it is usually best to take your car to someone who does transmission maintenance. Changing transmission fluid is more complicated than changing engine oil, so to make sure that the job is done right, it is best to leave the job to the professionals.

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5 Unique Homes on Wheels

There are many unique homes on wheels when home ownership is not possible financially. A major component of the American Dream is owning a home. Home ownership is often considered a status symbol in the U.S., an indication of having reached a certain level of financial success.

A mobile home are great for camping and also can be home.
A mobile home are great for camping and also can be home.

While the concept of what qualifies as a ‘home’ may differ depending on who you ask, most people accept that a typical home will have 2-3 bedrooms, the same amount of bathrooms, and will be stationary. There are some people, however, who are actively challenging the idea of the typical American home, particularly the belief that the living unit must be static.

Here are five examples of unique living spaces that are built to move.

1. Little Tag Along

From the mind of Kevin Cyr, a designer in Brooklyn, NY, comes the Little Tag Along. The Little Tag Along is an art concept, and is basically a very small travel trailer pulled behind a standard 3-speed bicycle. The Little Tag Along is part of a larger project called Home in the Weeds, which explores small shelters as living spaces for worst-case scenarios and homes for self-preservation.

2. Knaus V-liner

This motorhome isn’t carried by most motorhome dealers. The Knaus V-liner is a sleek, Euro-style RV that is much smaller than most new motorhomes and used motorhomes in the U.S. Despite being smaller, the German-built V-liner packs a ton of modern features and a space-maximizing layout.

3. Golden Gate

Jay Nelson, a San Francisco-based artist, surfer, and designer, is known for creating some very unique structures using everything from plywood to epoxy resin. Nelson is known for his creative tree house designs, but he has also built camper boats and scooters. One of Nelson’s more notable designs is the Golden Gate, an electric camper car that features angular wood paneling and a diamond-shaped window. The interior includes a stove, kitchen, toilet, bed, and storage space.

4. Survival Home

This $700K extreme recreational vehicle is capable of carrying enough supplies and equipment to allow its owners to survive off the grid for around two months. Built by UNICAT, an expert in expedition vehicle manufacturing, this particular vehicle gets a lowly 8 miles to the gallon when pushed beyond 60mph, but comes loaded with features, including an on-board water desalination unit.

5. Volkner Mobil Performance Bus

Volkner’s luxurious motorhome boasts modern amenities, customizable options such as specialist tiles, gold taps, and varnished wooden units, and even a ‘hidden’ garage with room for a separate vehicle. The stylish interior features leather seating, wood finishes, and the latest in entertainment technology. All of this luxury comes at a steep price, starting at over $1 million and rising with each upgraded feature.

camper van image by  Wikimedia Commons