Relying on a Professional Property Management Company

An owner of several apartment buildings will need the services of a property management company to free them from the day to day landlord activities to manage their investments.

Investors who own numerous pieces of commercial, industrial or residential rental properties often rely on the services of a property management company for the day to day running of their estate. Property managers are important because they take up the responsibilities of property owners; so that these real estate investors can have time to seek out other investment opportunities, enjoy the passive income or spend some quality time with their families. They do everything that is expected of a property owner. In most cases tenants, whether corporate or individual, never get to see or meet their landlord.

apartment complex map
Property management companies are needed to fulfill the day to day responsibilities of the owner.

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Apartment Hunting in Los Angeles

Most apartments in the Los Angeles area are not cheap since it is the home of Hollywood celebrities. Yet affordable apartments can still be found. You might have to stay away from the Hollywood area.

Hunting apartments in Los Angeles are costly since it is home of Hollywood celebrities, and it has one of best shopping experiences anywhere. Hollywood, just above Los Angeles is the one of the most desirable places in the country since it houses more than a dozen studios where movies are made annually. It’s where the famous stars gather together to shoot films, talk shows and even television series. For this very reason alone, many popular celebrities have stayed and bought a home in the Los Angeles.

apartments on a hill
Apartments are still cheaper compared to homes.

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Posts on apartments as an owner or tenant.

Tips for Moving Into Your First Apartment

Your very first apartment should be kept clean, have a couch, bed, plants, tools, and curtains for functionality. You also should create a good relationship with your neighbors.

You probably need some tips on what to do when you are moving into your first apartment. You’ve signed the lease, packed up the quaint life contained entirely in one room, and are ready to start anew in an apartment of your very own. Moving into your first apartment is exciting and the ultimate test of independence, which means it comes with a good amount of planning.

apartment with two beds and futon
When you have your very first apartment, you must think of must haves to be usable as such.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for that life-changing move.

1. Keep it clean.

Before you move into your apartment, the landlord or management may hire a professional cleaning service to scrub every single inch of your apartment. Other times, the landlord may just assume it’s clean and leave it as is.

Either way, make sure you give your apartment a quick once over before you move things in. Wipe down windows and all flat surfaces. The main things you need to worry about: cupboards, drawers, and carpet. Kitchen cupboards and drawers tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to cleaning. They’re tucked away, out of view, so why bother? But that’s where all your utensils, dishes, and dry foods will go, so keep things clean for maximum comfort.

The carpet is another story. As much as you vacuum, an old carpet will never feel as clean as it should. Consider renting or borrowing a steam carpet cleaner, or ask management if they know of an affordable, reliable service.

2. Fill ‘er up.

Once your apartment is spick and span, you can start to fill it up with must have stuff, and by stuff, I mean functional  things from furniture stores, not just movie props and apple crates. Considering you’ll probably be lacking in things, some of the basics—and not-so-basics—you need:

  • Couch: Probably the most important piece of furniture in the living room, couches are central to any home. The couch is where you’ll plant yourself after work, where you’ll entertain guests on the weekends. Choose a couch that is comfortable and will last.

  • Bed: If you’re still sleeping in the bed you had as a kid, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Mattress stores offer a wide selection, so take the time to choose a mattress that offers plenty of support for many restful nights.

  • Plants: Aside from the immediate aesthetics, houseplants have been shown to improve mood and make for a more healthful living space.

  • Tools: You don’t need a full toolbox, but various screwdrivers, a wrench, a hammer, and some nails will go a long way. You’ll likely experience various unprecedented malfunctions in your home, and knowing how to fix those issues will save you money and time.

  • Curtains: Especially if your apartment windows don’t come with blinds, you’ll need some window coverings for privacy.

3. Meet the neighbors.

If you’re living there for an undetermined amount of time, it doesn’t hurt to get friendly with at least a few of your neighbors. Create a good relationship and you’ll have a go-to person when you need a pet sitter or when you experience any emergencies.

Renting your first apartment is an exciting time. Remember—it’s yours! Decorate it how you like and make it feel like home. This is a pivotal time in your life that will have an impact on you forever.


Why Renting Can be Smart

Some advantages in renting an apartment as opposed to buying a home are you don’t have a big down payment, pay real estate taxes and you have mobility.

Especially when you are just starting out, you will find that renting can be smart. If you are among the many who are seeing all of the friends and family buying houses and “starting life” you may be wondering when it will be your turn to “start life” as well. The misconception that you need to buy a home to start making money has grown out of proportion and has become a common theme in America. Whether it is the whole ideology of being a true independent American or just following in the footsteps of your fathers it still has some major problems with it.

There are major advantages in renting apartments.
There are major advantages in renting apartments.

You just live there

If you are a homeowner you don’t get to just live there. You have to up-keep and maintain everything . Meaning that you are not only paying the bills but also all of the repairs and maintenance you can’t do yourself. You can’t just complain till it goes away like most tenants do.


Some apartments offer pools, gyms, or other luxuries that most homeowners will never have. If they do want them they end up dropping thousands of dollars not only to start them up as projects, but also to keep up on maintenance.


This is a big blessing for any apartment owner because they really don’t have to pay any real estate taxes and in some states that is a huge amount of savings.

No major down payments

Yes, sometimes you have to start out with a little cash down as a deposit but you often get that back as a renter in the end of the contract as long as you take care of things. A home owner drops a lot of money as a down payment and the more they put down in the beginning the better. You don’t see that money again.

Unreliable market changes

Sometimes being in the real estate market can be as sketchy as trading stocks and bonds. There is just so much volatility that more and more people are switching to renting and choosing to invest elsewhere. While Real estate used to be a more secure it has become more and more shaky as people see banks handing out loans left and right creating even more volatility. As a renter you know what you are paying and it is a fixed amount which really takes the risk off of your shoulders.


Homeowners pay a lot more insurance and many people don’t realize that there is even a renters insurance. If you are looking for renters insurance, you will find it readily available from your local insurance company or over the internet.

Mobility is a very enticing part of joining the “renters club” because who doesn’t want to be able to leave when they want or just move when they want? It would be easier, especially if the move is a necessity.


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Renting a Property in McDonough, Georgia

If you are looking to rent a property, look into renting in McDonough, Georgia. They have things to do all season, great shopping and places to eat.

If you are thinking of renting a property why not look at renting a property in McDonough, Georgia. If you decide to rent in this beautiful old town, you will have to admit to yourself that there are far worse decisions you will make in your life.

You will always have something to do if you rent property in McDonough, Georgia. The town offers things to do year round.
You will always have something to do if you rent property in McDonough, Georgia. The town offers things to do year round.

McDonough Town, located in Henry County in Georgia, is known as the town for all seasons. Why is it known as the town for all seasons? Quite simply because there is something to do all year round. There’s the spring geranium festival, fireworks on the 4th of July and at Christmas. McDonough doesn’t just settle for the usual parades and decorations (it has those too) it has its very own Santa Claus fun run: the Jingle Jog. So, renting in this area is a serious consideration: but what else is there compelling you to come to McDonough?

Food, Glorious Food

There’s two ways of looking at food. The first way is to see eating as something that we have to do and that’s that. On that view there is no great joy to be taken in eating. Alternatively, you can see food as something that makes life worth living; something that helps bring people together; something that is to be cherished and enjoyed with those we care most for.

If you are the type of person who falls into the second category, McDonough Town is a place you will love. For a town that has a population of just about 23 000, it has more than its fair share of dining establishments. Here are just a couple to get your taste buds tingling and your mouth watering.

KirbyG’s Diner and Pub will take you back in time. It’s a 1950’s diner that serves up hamburgers to die for. What could be better than the combination of nostalgia and good food?

Is there anyone who doesn’t like pasta? Pasta Max Café, which specializes in northern Italian style pasta, is that place for pasta lovers.


Let’s face it, we all love shopping. Okay, you can do it online if you want. But nothing beats the physical experience of shopping. McDonough has something for everyone. If you are a book lover: you’ll love McDonough. If you want Jewelers: you’ll find them in McDonough. If you’re into retro: get into retro in McDonough.

And it’s not just food and shopping. There’s just so much in McDonough, Georgia that makes it a perfect location for renting property.


This post was written with the help of Amber Chase Apartments.

McDonough courthouse” by John Trainor from Roswell, GA, USA – Henry County Courthouse, McDonough GA. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons – 

6 Must-Haves for Your First Apartment

Your checklist as the must haves for your first apartment should include plates and utensils, furniture, a plunger, iron and ironing board, cleaning supplies and tools.

Moving into your first apartment is a big deal. It’s the first real step to adulthood and independence. No more falling back on your ‘rents or your RA. You are responsible for everything from paying the bills to outfitting your apartment with all the accoutrements that make it home. Check out these 6 must-haves for your first apartment.

Among the must haves for your new apartment are eating utensils and furniture.
Among the must haves for your new apartment are eating utensils and furniture.

Invest a good set of dishes, bowls, forks, knives, and spoons. It will last you much longer and provide an extra dash of style to your home.

1. Actual plates and utensils

Your days of paper plates and plastic forks are long gone. As convenient as disposable dishes and utensils are, they’re not exactly good for the environment or good for hot food. If you plan to entertain guests, you won’t be impressing anyone by serving on paper plates. Invest a good set of dishes, bowls, forks, knives, and spoons. It will last you much longer and provide an extra dash of style to your home.

This also means you need to learn to wash your dishes properly. A dishwasher won’t deal with more stubborn food remnants.

2. Iron and ironing board

Wrinkly clothes aren’t doing anyone any favors. Whether you’re attending a friend’s wedding or interviewing for a job, you’ll need a good iron and ironing board. An iron and ironing board won’t cost you much but will give you so much back in return. The iron will keep your clothes looking crisp and steamed, and the ironing board makes a great folding and organizing station for your laundry. If you don’t have the space for a full board, at least consider purchasing an ironing blanket or making one of your own.


Unless you’re a craftsperson or a handyman, you don’t need a whole toolbox filled with a dozen different saws and a woodcarving set. Just a few basic tools can keep you prepared for potential future emergencies. A hammer, screwdrivers (flathead and Phillips), a tape measure, a wrench, and some nails go a long way, so you won’t need to call someone just to unscrew a light bulb, replace a fuse, or hang a picture on the wall.

4. Cleaning supplies

Glass cleaner doesn’t work on everything, nor is it meant to be used on everything. Unless you enjoy living in a pit of filth, it’s worth it to pick up some basic cleaning products. Keep some dish soap, bleach, and wood cleaner on hand along with a broom, mop, bucket, rubber gloves, and plenty of towels. Just because it’s your first apartment doesn’t mean you should turn it into a pigsty. Once a week cleanings should be standard.

5. A plunger

For most clogs, you should not need to call a plumber, and while there are several ways to fix a clogged toilet, nothing beats the old standby. However, most people are actually using the wrong plunger for their toilets. The cup plunger (with the red bit of rubber attached to a stick) is designed for use on flat surfaces, like the bottom of a sink or bathtub. What you need is the flange or ball plunger, which is designed to form a seal on the curved shape of the toilet for maximum unclogging ability.

6. Furniture—duh!

Ok, so this is obvious. Work with what you have and what you can get. A modest display of furniture is fine for your first place! But this is no episode of Friends. Lawn chairs and a foosball table do not make a dining room. Find a good, comfy couch, a coffee table, a dining set or bar stools if you have a bar, and maybe even stressless recliners for sale in local stores. For some great deals and awesome finds, check out thrift stores and yard sales. If you’re lucky, maybe a family member is giving away or selling some furniture for cheap.

With these simple tools, you can live in comfort, splendor, and responsibility in your first apartment. Now pop the bubbly and toast your new space!

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