Wildlife Prevention and Removal From Your House

Wildlife in your backyard can be dangerous. Make sure you keep trashcan lids tight, avoid fountains and ponds, choose plants that do not provide food for them and keep our doors and windows closed. When those fail, call a pest control professional.

If wildlife such as raccoons and skunks have been a corner of your property, it is time to implement prevention techniques and remove them before your home becomes uninhabitable. These pests can be a real nuisance and they can also cause a number of health problems. If you have a problem with the animals, get in touch with a professional who know the best removal techniques and will help to keep your home free of the pests.

Pest control professionals will help you remove unwelcome wild life from your home.

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Tips to Successful Travel with Pets

If you are going to bring your pet with you when you travel by plane, get a carrier that is hard on the outside for their protection and soft on the inside for their comfort. Do not feed them four to six hours prior to the flight. They might get sick.

Pets are a part of every household they reside in. They become a part of the family that brings equal joy and displeasure, just like everyone else. Many families would prefer to travel with their dogs or even cats and birds, as opposed to without them. Modern technology is allowing you to bring your them with you wherever you want to go these days.

woman with dog in the grand canyon
It is a pleasure, but also a lot of hassle to bring a pet to your vacation.

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High-Tech Aspects of the Animal Kingdom

Also high tech, soil dwelling insects use chemicals in plants to communicate. Ants use the principles of TCP to determine the amount of food available.

We live in an age where humans pretty much have electricity and technology in the bag. We know how to make use of technology, from computers to  Square D circuit breakers, turning it into useful tools for our everyday. It’s what sets us apart from all the other critters and creatures all over the world. Except some animals actually have some high-tech elements built into their physiology, and they’ve been using that tech much longer than we have. Let’s take a look at some high-tech aspects of the animal kingdom.

Some animals use some aspects of electronics technology for communication.

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What You Should Know About Owning a Horse

When you see your dream horse among the horses for sale, you should consider the costs and time of feeding, exercising and boarding horses.

There are many things you should know about owning a horse when you see your dream horse among the horses for sale. Almost every little girl dreams of owning a horse. If you are considering buying one for your little girl, then you have to know what the upkeep and expenses will be. Here are a few things you will want to think about. A real life horse is much more than the benefits it gives.

horse in the field wagging tail
Owning a horse takes a lot of money and time for boarding, grooming, exercise and feeding.

Horse Care

When you have a horse there are many things you will have to do to keep them healthy. One of the biggest things is proper grooming, exercise and nutrition. Without this, your horse will be sick and unhealthy. This requires quite a bit of time and money to invest. There are a few horse care factors to take into consideration.

* Boarding– You want to make sure you find the right boarding situation for your horse. Though this may be expensive you want to make sure that your horse will be in a healthy environment. You will also want to pay attention to what the boarding fee covers so you know what else you will need to do.

* Grooming– Your horse will require grooming on a daily basis and if this is not covered by your boarding fee, then this can be a lot of work. You will have to use a number of different brushes to get rid of dirt and debris as well as a damp cloth for cleaning the nostrils and eyes. This is quite time consuming, though it can be a great way to bond with your horse.

* Training– This is important to have with any horse, especially if your daughter (or son) will be riding the horse. While even a trained horse can still cause injuries if they are frightened, they are less likely to. With this, anyone who rides the horse should also be trained on how to properly ride a horse.


Even if you never race your horse, you still want to make sure that they are professional for when you show your horse or if you one day decide that it is time to sell your horse. This is why the best thing you can do is have a professional portfolio of your horse. This will include a number of aspects including current photos of your horse. You want to make sure that these are high quality professional pictures, such as what you will find with a horse photographer.

As you can see there are a number of aspects to think about before you buy a horse. It can be a good idea to talk with someone who owns a horse to see how it works for them. In the end though, a horse can be a wonderful addition to your family that you will love, even with the time and money investment. A horse can be your daughter’s best friend and companion. You will find that having to take of the horse with grooming and feeding will make your child that much more responsible and caring a person. So while the time and money may seem prohibitive, it is important to weigh the benefits as well. Make an informed decision, do your research and most of all take your time. This is not a good place for an impulse buy.


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horse image by Wikimedia Commons


3 Famous Horses from History

Famous horses include Adios who won 43 races, Comanche who ran in battle after being shot by an arrow and Blackjack the horse in the JFK funeral.

From Silver to Mister Ed, popular culture has been filled with some interesting depictions of the majestic horse. However, there are many real life horses over the years that have performed amazing feats that significantly affected the course of history. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous horses from history.

Blackjack performed as a riderless horse in over 1,000 military funerals. Here he is at JFK's funeral.
Blackjack performed as a riderless horse in over 1,000 military funerals. Here he is at JFK’s funeral.

1. Adios

Born on January 3, 1940 at Two Gaits Farm in Indiana, Adios remains one of the most successful harness horses in the history of the sport. He won 43 races and finished first, second, or third in 83 of 87 professional races. He set track and world records throughout his career.

Aside from his amazing performance as a harness racehorse, Adios is best known for completely changing the Standardbred breed. As a stud, Adios went on to sire 597 foals in his life. Each of his offspring, most notably Adios Butler and Bret Hanover, went on to perform at top levels and sire their own foals. Perhaps if you see a Florida horse for sale or another horse on a website, the horse maybe somehow related to Adios somewhere down the line.

Adios’s claim to fame is so great that in 1967, two years after the horse’s death, a race was named in his honor and is held annually each August at The Meadows in Pennsylvania.

2. Comanche

With an uncertain ancestry and date of birth, Comanche was acquired by the Army in 1868 and was soon purchased by Captain Myles Keogh for his personal mount. The horse gained his name during a battle with the Comanche tribe, during which time the horse was shot by an arrow in the hindquarters but continued to run and carry Keogh.

Comanche’s greatest claim to history came in 1876 during the bloody two-day fight at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Alternately known as Custer’s Last Stand, the battle was led by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer in what turned into an immense defeat as Custer’s forces were utterly outnumbered by the joint forces of Arapaho, Lakota, and Northern Cheyenne tribes. Custer’s entire force was wiped out with the exception of Comanche. As the lone survivor, Comanche was nursed back to health and retired. After death, the horse was so revered that 7th Cavalry officers wanted his remains preserved. Comanche is currently exhibited at the Natural History Museum at the University of Kansas.

3. Black Jack

Black Jack was born on January 19, 1947. On November 22, 1953, he entered the Third U.S. Infantry Stables at Fort Myer and became the last Quartermaster-issued horse in the U.S. Army. With a long, respectable military career, Black Jack served as the riderless horse in over 1,000 Armed Forces Full Honors Funerals as well as several state funerals, including that of J.F.K. After his death on February 6, 1976, Black Jack became only one of two horses in American history to be buried with full military honors.

Horses have played an amazing role in human history. Who knows what the future holds for our equine companions?


Blackjack image by Wikimedia Commons

A Healthy Coat on Cat Begins with the Best Cat Food

Examine the health of your cat’s coat in determining the best cat food for it. Add canned, wet cat food because dry cat food can sometimes have empty calories.

Your cat’s great looking coat ultimately comes down to proper nutrition, and lifestyle. Your cat’s great looking coat ultimately comes down to proper nutrition, and lifestyle. To see what is the best cat food for the health of your cat, examine its coat and what you feed him. A cat that is healthy will have a coat that is shiny, smooth to touch (like butter) and vibrant with color. A cat that is not healthy will have a coat that is dull, dry, flaky, or even worse. Lets go over a few things that will highly influence how your cats coat will shine, or not shine.

black cat lying on a blanket
Your cat’s health is reflected by the health of its coat.

Taking Regular Baths

This is common, especially if your cat has dandruff but in reality it can kill your kitty’s fur coat. Baths should only be done in emergency like accidents outside such as, fleas, or being sprayed by a skunk. Your cat grooms itself and needs the oils in its fur in order to look healthy. When you bathe your cat you are stripping the coat of its vitamins it needs.

Baths should only be taken when needed and you should only be using cat shampoo, preferably one that is natural and contains no artificial dyes.

Stop the Kibble

Your cats diet is important and a healthy diet goes a long way. Cats need a diet that is at least 80% protein or more in order to be fully nourished. The problem with kibble is that it is usually loaded with empty calories, wheat and all kinds of bad stuff your cat was not naturally made to eat.

Feeding your cat dry cat food can be convenient, but it can dehydrate your cat. When your cat is getting older, hydration is important for its urinary tract.  Try going with wet canned cat food, that is high in protein especially when your cat is getting older, and even add a little water.

Dry cat food can dehydrate your cat and cause the skin to get flaky while canned foods are full of water and moisture. Cats normally don’t drink a lot of water as their water source naturally is supposed to come from the meats they eat.

Consider Going Raw

It might seem like a big step but going raw was the best thing I have ever done for my kitty. My cat had a terrible looking coat as well as some other health related problems. After a couple weeks of raw meat my cat was looking, feeling, and acting like a young cat all over again. It was literally life changing.

Go See a Vet

If your condition is bad, or your cat is in serious pain then go see a vet right away. Skin problems are popular with mal -nourished cats, especially as they age. Bacterial infections, acne, tumors, and bugs are very common and need to be dealt with as soon as possible.