Ways to Prevent Car Theft

There are many ways to prevent car theft: install a gps tracking system or an alarm system, hide or do not leave valuables, tint your windows..

In cities, owning a car may be easy but keeping it safe is a huge task. Theft cases have been out of control. Taxis are one of the most victimized sectors when it comes to theft. If a taxi is not reported missing, it is possible to see cases regarding loss of wheels, side mirrors, or head lamps.

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If you love your car, you should be concerned with theft prevention.

Police centers are flooded with these theft cases yet new ones keep chipping in every day. Given that taxi drivers carry out their services even in the wee hours of the nights, thugs see their vehicles as easy prey for theft. In order to minimize such  theft cases, drivers and car owners have been sensitized about car safety measures.

Six car theft prevention measures include:

  • Tracking systems There are many companies that provide this service and they charge a monthly fixed fee. Usually, a tracking device is installed in a location inside the car which is only disclosed to the owner. In case of theft, the tracking company is notified and the missing car is easily traced and pursued.
  • Alarm systems The tracking company installs a sensor system such that once the car is touched, there is loud alerting sound which runs continuously for a certain period of time to scare the thief. It is an effective way of enhancing security and also makes work easy for those who work as security men in parking lots.
  • Avoid keeping valuables.  Items such as insurance covers and titles do attract thieves. These valuables should be kept away from the car because it can be sold easily in case it is stolen.
  • Lock all windows and doors Cultivate a habit of locking the doors and windows of your car. If parked in an isolated area, a bystander or even a passerby might notice it easily and take this as a golden opportunity.
  • It is wise to park in an open area – Parking in hidden or even isolated areas can make it easy for thieves to rob off your car or some of its parts.
  • Tint the windows. Black tints help avoid outsiders from seeing what is inside. However, drivers and their passengers can still see what is outside. Tints prevent people from seeing what is inside, such as important documents, money and electronic gadgets which can make those with bad intentions be tempted to break in.

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