Cancer Deaths Can Be Preventable

When you suspect you might have a terminal disease, follow it up. Get a second opinion. Do what your doctors tell you. Many cancers are treatable, if they are treated early enough.

I have a cousin that died of colon cancer. He had constant constipation. He would go to the doctor, and the doctor would give him laxatives.  This happened for a while, until he was diagnosed. If this doctor would have properly diagnosed him, his story could be different. I have seen people at my church get diagnosed with cancer, get stem cell treatment and get a clean bill of health.

man folding a garden hose.
My late cousin George was given a clean bill after of health after radiation treatments, but did not follow it up.

Cancer is clearly in my cousin’s family tree because his father also died of cancer. I am not affected because I have no blood relations with his father. His mother was my aunt (my father’s sister). She died of diabetes and was cancer free.

His brother was not so fortunate. Carrying his father’s genes, he was also diagnosed with cancer. After radiation treatment, he was given a clean bill of health. But, he didn’t listen to the doctors when he was told to follow it up, because had a hard time with the side effects of the radiation treatment. After a year, his cancer was back. No one knows for how long because it was too late.

My cousins’ cases are just two examples where cancer can be preventable. If it doesn’t feel right, get a second opinion. By all means, follow it up. Cancer death rates can be changed to stories of survival. It is too late for my cousins.  But hopefully, we can learn from their story.

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